Exile - Continuation of Chapter 1:Outcast

Ty'lana followed the elfmaiden to the large hall where her fate would be decided. As she expected it was filled with lesser lords and ladies of the realm. Gradually silence replaced the conversation as she entered the hall. She loked neither left or right as she walked towards the throne.
She stopped at about 12 feet from the throne, put her right hand across her chest and bowed deeply.
"My King and Lord father, you sent for me." She straigthened to see her father watching her closely. She spared a brief but respective look for her twin brother Thernil , her senior by three minutes. He was seated on a lower throne by the let side of their father. She did not look at smaller throne on the right, it had been empty even since their mother's death thirty years ago.For once Ty'lana was glad she was dead, the events of today would surely have killed her.
Finally after an eternity of silence King Neylan of Firlaya spke.
"People of Firlaya, there is no need to tell you why we are gathered here today,"he paused "the reason stands before us. "
The Elf King looked at Ty'lana. "Are you ready?"
I doubt i will ever be, thought Ty'lana but instead she nodded not trusting herself to speak.
Neylan looked at his left where a servant stood waiting.
The servant came forth' carrying two silver plates.
The plate on the right had a beautiful garland of white serai flowers. These flowers were a symbol for death, for only the dead had serai flowers placed on their graves.
the other plate had a magnificent mythril dagger, as hard as a diamond and as light as a feather. It had a single large white pearl inserted in the hilt . The dagger was four thousand years old, it had been forged immediately after the last Firlaya civil war that occured because of two princes who lay claim on the throne.
The dagger represented exile.
Ty'lana stared at the two plates for a long time. The huge hall was so quiet that she was sure all could hear her beating heart. Slowly she stretched her right hand to the flowers when her hand was over the garland, she found she could not touch them. Gradually the courtiers began to murmur.
What was taking so much time? Even Neylan looked worried.
Ty'lana's hand darted toward the dagger before she changed her mind. This elicited a surprised loud murmur from the audience. King Neylan and Prince Thernil were shocked.
Ty'lana stared steadily at her father. "I choose exile."
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