Exile - Chapter 1 :Outcast

Dawn had broken. as usual it was cold but that did not matter to the young elf maiden who stood before a full length mirror. She studied her features, short black curly hair, a perfect oval face with skin the colour of soft brown earth. More than she could remember she had been hailed as breathtaking, but that would not save her now. She had been unlucky to be the twin to a prince, according to law, she and her brother were both heirs to the throne of Firlaya. Only one could rule thus both had to compete against each other in the leadership trials.
Ty'lana closed her eyes in pain. She had not wanted to fight her brother but it had to be done and she had lost.
She softly touched the velvet tunic she wore, she wondered if it would be what she would die in. Anyone who failed the trials had 2 options, death or exile. Death was usually chosen over the latter,because exile was just another slow way of dying.
Ty'lana's pointed ears heard a soft knock at the door.
"Enter" she said. A young elfmaiden came in. She curtsied
"My Lady, it is time". Ty'lana turned back to the mirror
now she would know her fate.
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