Ever Young - Chapter 1

'What the, so this is heaven but all the after death experiences said that it feels like the best thing ever,' she thought, she then opened her eyes wide. 'Oh crap, well I'm not in hell, hell is eternal torture, I feel like I could live here forever.' She got up and started to walk toward the direction of the smoke that you could barely see over the treetop. As I approached the fire that was still lit but abandoned she heard at a swish of a bush. She turned around to find 3 arrows pointed at her face. The owners of the arrows were tall, fair, unbearable handsome men with long blonde hair. There when they say her face they went right away to their knees. "Milady we did not know, we ask your forgiveness," the middle one said. A gentle look swept over her face and she bent down to face them.

"Forgiveness for what, mistakes are made," she said surprisingly with a angelic voice. "Do you know where we are? And you seem you know me who am I?"

"Milady, you are in Mirkwood, and you are the Royal Highness princess Nessa Greenleaf," he said bowing his head.

"You must be mistaken, Mirkwood, that would make this Middle Earth," she said with shock and almost laughing.

"We are never mistaken Milady, we say the truth."

"You guys are crazy," she said laughing while they gave her a confused look.

"Milady your husband will be worried we must escort you back to the palace its not safe here."

"Shut up, I now know your crazy you don't have to make me believe you," she not facing them. They had a insulted look on their faces.

"We will find help for ourselves when we return but we need to have you come with us, it is too dangerous out here for you, please," the middle said with a worried voice.

"Fine, but do you promise you won't hurt me," now she was the one with the worried voice.

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