Evenstar and Ithilian - Chapter 4

Arwen's head hurt. A lot. She moaned as she tried to sit. She was lying down on the ground, near Eiliandel. Eiliandel had a huge gash on her forehead, but she was awake. She saw Arwen start moving, and slowly motioned for her not to move. Arwen obeyed, not knowing why Eiliandel looked so worried. Their captors came over, their black robes sweeping the ground. They picked up the women, Arwen trying hard to mimic Eiliandel's dead hang. They rode almost all day. Eiliandel never moved, and Arwen passed out soon after a jolt hurt her head.

It was dark. Arwen looked to Eiliandel. Their captors were sleeping. Eiliandel was busily picking her bonds. Using her feet, she had braced herself trying to untie herself. Finally, her hands slipped free. Grinning, she quickly undid her feet and then undid Arwen. "Run." she hissed. Arwen followed as the other elf took off. She was incredibly fast, Arwen reflected as they ran They darted through the woods, dodging branches and leaping over low fallen branches. Eiliandel stopped short at the edge of a steep, high, waterfall. She looked back and look of panic crossing her pretty face. They were coming. Their captors had heard. The women could hear the thundering of powerful hooves. Eiliandel looked behind her again and then to Arwen, "Can you swim?" she asked. Arwen gritted her teeth, she knew what Eiliandel was going to do "Yes." Eiliandel looked back once more, then she jumped, Arwen following close behind. They dove gracefully into the lake that was farther down. Arwen hit the water hard. She entered fingertips first, just as she'd been taught. Eiliandel also dove the same, but did not hit very hard. The women held their breaths and swam downstream a bit, then surfaced. They swam to the edge and waited in the water an moment. They could see the horsemen waiting at the top of the cliff, arrows at the ready, waiting for the women to surface. Arwen and Eiliandel hauled themselves out of the water and darted into the nearby bushes. It seemed forever, but finally the horsemen rode away, having lost their captives. "Eiliandel?" Arwen whispered, "Who are they?" "They are the hunters." Eiliandel's soft reply came. "They are hunting down elves from my father's kingdom. He believes they mean to destroy us one by one." Arwen was shocked, but she now understood Eiliandel's somewhat odd behaviour. She was merely reacting to what she knew. "Come on." Eiliandel suddenly got up. Arwen scrambled to her feet, "Where are we going?" she asked. "My father." Eiliandel said. "But the River Realm is quite far from here!" Arwen protested, "And, if you have not noticed, we can hardly go out on the roads dressed like this!" she pointed to the thin night shifts they were wearing. Eiliandel thought a moment. " I'm not going to use roads......if we run into anyone, we're elves, they are used to our so-called "unusual wear." Arwen nodded. The two started walking.

"Eiliandel? Eiliandel, I'm very cold." Arwen was shivering. It was hard to get an elf to feel the elements, so it must have been very cold. Eiliandel nodded, "Very well. We will camp here." She hopped down into a large knot of tree roots. Arwen followed. She was still very cold, "Eiliandel? Can you?" Arwen stopped. She was feeling warmth flowing around her. Eiliandel was humming to herself, concentrating on something. A few minutes later, Eiliandel stopped humming and looked at her, "Better?" Arwen nodded, shocked. "How can you? How did you?" she shook her head. Eiliandel laughed. "I can control some aspects of the elements. I must be very cautious when using fire though, occasionally, it gets out of hand!" Eiliandel was grinning brilliantly, "That is probably why your father is worried when I disappear! He's probably worried I'm up to something." Arwen started laughing, that must be why her father had been so tense! He had an enchantress of the elements in his house - even worse, he couldn't always find her! Eiliandel laughed along with Arwen. The two elves talked long into the night, sleeping only in the early hours of the morning and rising with the sun.

Aragorn was not a happy man. They had ridden all night, picking up the trail of Arwen and Eiliandel's captors only to lose the tracks at the edge of a waterfall. Aragorn had been terrified that Arwen had fallen, but a thorough search of the lake had not revealed anything, aside from a hair twist that had belonged to Eiliandel. He did not know where to go from here. Arwen must have fallen off the edge, but where she would have gone after remained a mystery. Novrion was not as worried over Eiliandel as Aragorn was over Arwen. "Are you not worried?" Legolas questioned Novrion. Novrion shrugged, "Eiliandel is a spellcaster. She can escape them - unless it is the new moon, then she will be vulnerable." Novrion continued shifting through the bushes. "Wait!" Elladan yelped, "She is the enchantress isn't she!?! The one who can control the elements!" Everyone turned to stare at Novrion, who shrugged and nodded. "She would be the one, yes." Aragorn thought a minute. "If she is the enchantress, why would anyone want to risk capturing her?" Novrion thought and then answered, "She would know the way to the Crystal Caves. She can control the elements. She was captured on a night of a new moon, when she can do the least amount of damage to her attackers..........makes sense to me." Novrion looked at Aragorn, a look of terror on his face "The Evenstar! She is your lady correct?" Aragorn looked at him, "Yes." "Oh no!" Novrion darted to his feet, "We must find her! Her power, along with Eiliandel's is what they seek!" Elrohir nodded, "Yes, but can't they fight them until we can find them?" Novrion shook his head, "We've only until the full moon. At that point, her power will be the greatest. Unfortunately, their use of the women's power will kill them."

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