Erquellewen - Chapter 9- The Council

Erquellewen stared at the elf in amazement. She expected him to question her about the castle catastrophy. But he just set his hand on Legolas's forehead. Erquellewen looked petrified now. What if Legolas was gone for good?

"Is-" Erquellewen spoke nervously, "Is he going to be okay?" She glanced up at the two elf strangers and then at Legolas. Before the elf could answer, Erquellewen let out a small whimper.

"He will be fine," said the elf's daughter, "The poison has made him ill. My Father told him to rest for a little."

"Well," Erquellewen said, "I just hope that he's safe. Anyway, who are you?"

"I am Arwen, princess of Rivendell. This is my Father, Lord Elrond, King of Rivendell." At that Erquellewen hopped out of bed, and crouched into a deep bow. She did not expect to meet the King and his daughter.

Aragorn walked into the room. He took one look at Erquellewen and smiled. He was glad that she was okay. Then he looked at Legolas and frowned, "He's still ill?" he asked, "Well, he better get ready to argue with his Father. We are going to sent him back to Mirkwood once he is healed."

Erquellewen nervously looked at the ground. She had to think of a plan to escape. "I've got it!" she thought, "I can get Legolas onto my horse, and then we'll ride away. It will have to be when nobody's around though."

Then it came to her. They didn't have their weapons! "Lord Elrond," she asked nervously, "Er-what did you do with our weapons?"

"We gave them to Gandalf. He will give them to you as soon as you two leave for Mirkwood." Erquellewen then thought of stealing her weapons back.

"Okay," she said. Then Legolas woke up. He looked around. He noticed Arwen, Elrond, and Aragorn. Then he looked to his side.

"Where's Erquellewen?" he asked. Erquellewen jumped at the sound of her name.

"I'm right here!" she said, "Wow, I must be small if I'm that hard to see!" Everyone laughed. Then a hobbit came in. It was Frodo. He looked at Elrond and then spoke.

"Lord Elrond, your council will begin in twenty minutes," he said. Elrond nodded and Frodo walked out the door.

"Ah, I forgot to tell you," said Elrond, looking at Erquellewen and Legolas, "You have been summond to a council. You will find out more when we get there. I have to arrive early. So I'll be off."

He left the room. Arwen followed after him. Aragorn went to change into more formal clothes. Then Erquellewen looked over at Legolas. His shirt was off and his waist was wrapped in bandages.

"I think you should put on your shirt and we'll go to the council," said Erquellewen, looking at Legolas's muscles.

Legolas slipped on his shirt and he and Erquellewen walked down to the council. Legolas explained everything that had happened to him while Erquellewen was asleep.

Then they walked through a clearing and were standing behind a circle of chairs. A single table was in the middle. Erquellewen saw Gandalf, Aragorn, Frodo, Merry, Pippin, and Sam. She found two empty seats next to a tall elf with long, golden hair. She looked calm compared to everyone else. Her husband was sitting next to her.

Then Elrond spoke, "This council is to get the truth out of Erquellewen," he gestured to her, "and Legolas." He made the same gesture to Legolas. Everyone started whispering. Erquellewen knew this council was about the decision to either send them back to Mirkwood or not. And she knew it was going to be a long night.

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