Erquellewen - Chapter 8- Rivendell

It was a dark night. The moon and the stars were the only source of light. Gandalf thought of lighting a torch, but Erquellewen and the others thought it was to risky. Erquellewen didn't mind riding in the dark. She knew she was safe as long as the others were with her. But she couldn't help feeling that they were being watched.

Hours passed as they walked in the darkness. Erquellewen dozed off a couple of times. She dreamed of her family. She wanted to know what had become of them. All she could think of was the knights bursting into her home and arresting her family.

"I think it is safe to risk a little light right now," whispered Gandalf. All of a sudden, a light appered on Gandalf's walking stick. Erquellewen could feel Legolas give a start as Gandalf made the light.

"Gandalf," said Merry, in a worried tone, "Are you sure that was a good idea?" Erquellewen noticed a strong shaking in his voice. Obviously, Gandalf didn't notice it, because he answered without showing any fear.

"Yes Mr. Brandybuck. Why do you ask?" Legolas had just awoken, and noticed something big lurking in the shadows. He answered before Merry could, pointing at the shadow.

"Because of that Gandalf," he answered, his finger starting to shake nervously. Gandalf turned and now noticed the shadow. He realized at once what it was.

"There is more than one!" he said, "There are 200, all grouped together."

"How can you count that fast?" asked Erquellewen.

"Now is not the time!" answered Gandalf, "Now, these are Uruk-hai. I don't know how they got to the Misty Mountains, but I sure know that their after us."

"Well, let's draw our swords then," said Erquellewen excitedly. She wanted to show her skills to Gandalf.

"You're not really in fighting condition now, are you?" answered Aragorn. Erquellewen could now see the face of the lead Uruk-hai. It was brown with a mix of black, and it had markings all over it's face. White markings. Some of the markings were handprints. Others were just straight lines.

"I thought you said that you all killed Saruman, Legolas!" shouted Erquellewen.

"I may have twisted up the story," Legolas said with a nervous laugh. Erquellewen could tell that Legolas had just wanted to make a good first impression.

Gandalf sprang forward, Glamdring unsheathed, and glinting in the moonlight. He stabbed the lead Urak-hai, and then moved to the next. Aragorn ran after him. He had his sword drawn also. The hobbits wobbled forward and followed Aragorn's orders. He kept telling them when to take a go.

Legolas tried jumping after them all, but Erquellewen held him back. She could feel her arm searing with pain as an Urak-hai came to them and slashed his sword. It had narrowly missed Legolas.

"RIDE AWAY!" Gandalf shouted as he stabbed the Uruk-hai. Erquellewen understood. At once she steered her horse to the left. She felt an arrow go right into her arm. Then she blacked out.

When Erquellewen woke up, she realized she was in a bed next to Legolas. An elf was standing above them. He had long, dark hair. Another elf was standing next to him. She looked much like him. Erquellewen figured she was his daughter.

"Welcome," the elf spoke, "to Rivendell."

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