Erquellewen - Chapter 7: At the Misty Mountains

"Are you sure this is the correct way?" Erquellewen asked. Her and Legolas had been traveling for six days. They ached all over. The battle with the spiders two days before caused them to take many rests. This wasn't normal for an elf.

"Yes it is, don't worry!" Legolas replied. He was limping badly. One of the giant spiders had scratched his hip with it's pincers. Suddenly, Legolas gripped his hip and moaned in pain.

"Legolas!" Erquellewen shouted, "What's wrong?" He didn't answer for a moment. Erquellewen could feel her heart beat faster. She didn't know what to do!

"I think," he gasped, "I think the pincers were poisened!" He started gasping for breath. Then he fell onto his knees. Erquellewen thought for a moment, and then remembered something Legolas told her about Aragorn. Frodo was stabbed by a Nazgul. He asked Sam to get some certain plant.

"What was it called?!" she thought, "Athelas!" She had remembered what it was called! "But, does it grow in this area?" She looked around, trying to remember how Legolas had described it. "This is it!" she thought. The Athelas was growing on the side of the road.

She picked the weed and ran over to Legolas. Now he was lying there, breathing very hard. Erquellewen found the wound and carefully placed the weed in it. Legolas had said that it slows poison.

Legolas wasn't breathing as hard now. Erquellewen picked him up and brought him over to a tree on the side of the road. Then she remembered what she had told Legolas after the battle with the spiders. She had kissed him. Now she felt the urge to do it again.

Erquellewen lifted Legolas's head carefully and kissed him. There was a faint smile on his face now. He lifted himself off of the ground and leaned against the tree. "Let's go," he said. Erquellewen grabbed him under his arm and they walked away, the Misty Mountains in view.


About an hour later, they were at the foot of the Misty Mountains. "Ready?" Erquellewen asked. She wasn't sure Legolas would make it up the mountains.

"Do you have a horse?" Legolas asked, although he knew the answer would be no. But he was wrong. Erquellewen whistled. A brown horse emerged from Mirkwood. It was galloping toward Erquellewen.

"Her name is Mithwethien. She's very good at climbing mountains." Erquellewen jumped onto the horse, and then she helped Legolas get on behind her. They started up the mountain.


Three hours later, they were at the top of the first mountain. They could see Rivendell from here. Erquellewen planned on taking Legolas there. She didn't tell him, because he would complain that he didn't want her to get caught. But she didn't care. She wanted Elrond to cure Legolas.

When they started climbing the second mountain, something came out of a cave. It wasn't an orc or an Urak-hai. It was a tall man with a pointed hat and a staff. He was followed by a man with black, greasy hair. Four short men followed the man.

"Gandalf! Aragorn! Frodo, Merry, Pippin, Sam!" Legolas said weakly. Gandalf smiled. But then he saw the gash on Legolas's hip and Erquellewen.

"Is this the elf that snuck into the castle?" asked Gandalf, "Did she do this to you?" he said, pointing at the wound. He frowned at the sight of it.

"Yes, this is the elf that fell," Legolas paused and looked at Erquellewen, then to Gandalf, "into the castle. But nay, she did not give me this wound. My Father ordered me to stay in the castrle, but I like being outside. I knew Erquellewen wasn't planning on killing me or my Father."

"But why was she in the castle, and how did you get injured?" Aragorn asked. Everyone except for Legolas had their eyes on Erquellewen. They were frowning at the sight of her. It seemed they didn't know if they could trust her.

"I fell down a hole that led into the castle. I had just talked to the knights and they told me to go away. I bubmped into Legolas three days before, but he had a hood on. I wanted to find out who I did bump into," Erquellewen said before Legolas could answer Aragorn's question.

"I got the wound from a battle with giant spiders," Legolas said before Aragorn repeated the question, "The pincers were poisoned. Erquellewen ran to find some Athelas. I told her about the Fellowship. I also told her about what you did to save Frodo. But I'm still in pain."

"Well," Gandalf said, "what are you fools waiting for. Get our horses and we'll take them to Elrond." He had just seen Erquellewen grab her own arms. The scratches she received from the battle were also poisoned. It had just started working.

It took Legolas a while to realize that Gandalf had spoken to the hobbits, not to him and Erquellewen. It also took him a while to realize that the poison from Erquellewen's injuries just started working. But soon, they were off to Rivendell, Legolas following with Erquellewen reluctantly.

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