Erquellewen - Chapter 28~ Closer and Closer

Erquellewen stared at the ground. She was sick and tired of traveling. 'I just want to go home,' she thought. 'It's so lonely out here, even with all of my friends.'

"The map says we're getting very close," Gandalf said, as if reading Erquellewen's mind. "We should be there in no time. That is, without any distractions." Erquellewen sighed.

"Look!" Lief said, pointing towards the road ahead. "There's dust. Road dust. There must be someone coming!"

"Quick!" Aragorn said quietly. "Everyone get off the road!" The companions scurried off the road as fast as possible.

As they watched the road, they noticed the giant spiders. They were in lines, covered in armor from head to toe.

"It was Japool!" Gandalf whispered. "He sent the troops of spiders out!"

"Japool?" Merry asked. Pippin crawled up behind him.

"An old friend of Saruman," Gandalf said. "Now everyone, behind those bushes!" The all crawled over to where Gandalf told them.

"A friend?" Pippin asked.

"Japool dosen't sound too nice," Sam agreed.

"Or like he would be a friend," Frodo chimed in.

"Exactly," Merry said.

"Hey, that was kind of cute!" Erquellewen giggled. "You should do that more often!"

"Anyway," Gandalf said, "yes, he was Saruman's friend. But I haven't heard any news of him in a while. I thought he had died.

"Me too," Legolas said. Aragorn nodded in agreement.

"Well, I guess not," Gimili said. "Now hush!" The troops passed by the road in front of the bushes. Erquellewen could hear their armor clanking as they marched forth.

One stopped to look around carefully. The companions ducked to the ground as it turned its head towards the bushes.

As they walked on, the group of friends raised their heads. Sneaking out from behind the bushes, they continued on the trail.

"C'mon," Gandalf whispered. "Quickly now!"

"I guess we are getting closer and closer," Mithwethiel whispered to Lief.

The friends continued down the road.

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