Erquellewen - Chapter 27~ The Journey Continues

Erquellewen moaned, dragging her feet on the ground. She didn't expect to be walking for so long. Aragorn, Legolas, and Gandalf were at the front of the group, chatting quietly about Saruman.

"How long have we been walking?" Erquellewen complained. "It feels like it's been forever!"

"About six hours now," Gimili replied. "Why do you look so tired? Elves don't normally suffer!"

"I don't know," Erquellelwen said. "I haven't been feeling like myself lately. It's like some strange force has taken over my body."

"Well, maybe we should rest for a while," Gimili went on. "GANDALF! WE NEED TO REST!" Gandalf looked over his shoulder.

"Why?" he asked with a puzzled look on his face. Gimili walked to the front of the group.

"Erquellewen isn't looking too well," he warned. "She's really pale and she's panting like a hound."

"Okay," Gandalf said. He held up his hand so everyone would halt. "We need to stop for a while."

"But sir," Lief said. "Sir, it is too dangerous to take a rest! There are giant spiders out there! They're stalking us for the amethyst!"

"Hush, Lief!" Gandalf said, panicing. "The enemy might hear you!"

"Well, they'll see us if we stop moving!" Lief argued. "Then they have a very good chance of attacking us!"

"Lief!" Mithwethiel said. "You're just hungry and tired. Stop arguing with Gandalf! He knows what he's doing!"

"Anyway," Gandalf said under his breath. "Erquellewen isn't looking too well."

"Fine, we'll stop for a rest!" Lief said. "C'mon." He pulled Mithwethiel over to a large, flat rock.

"Lief, what's wrong with you?" Mithwethiel asked. "You're in such a bad mood today!"

"I'm just worried."

"About what?"

"About you! I'm afraid that you'll get hurt."

"Lief, I know what I'm doing out here!"

"I know, but-"

"But what?"

"You don't know when something horrible could happen!"

"Who cares? Let's go and find Erquellewen. Death is just a part of life." The two friends ran off.


Back on the mountain, the spiders were gathering for a large war. Many were suiting up in armor, and others were grabbing weapons. They were all planning a surprise attack on the small group of friends.


"Hi Erquellewen!" Mithwethiel called. Erquellewen was leaning up against a large tree, clutching her stomach. "How are you?"

"Not too good," Erquellewen said. "I'm feeling sort of sick. Do you know of any medicines that I could use?"

"No, not really, sorry," Mithwethiel apologized. "Gandalf or Aragorn might."

"Then what're you waiting for?" Erquellewen urged. "Go get one of them!" Mithwethiel nodded and pulled Lief away to get Aragorn and Gandalf.


A few minutes later, Mithwethiel came running back with Lief, Gandalf, Aragorn, and Legolas.

"Are you okay?" Legolas asked with a worried look. "When Mithwethiel told us, she made it sound like you were dying!"

"Well, that's Mithwethiel for you!" Erquellewen joked. Mithwethiel blushed. "And I only feel a little sick. It's a stomach ache, that's all!"

"Oh," Gandalf said. "Then all we can do for that is to let you get some sleep. Erquellewen nodded and fell right to sleep.


"Good morning, sleepy head!" came Legolas' voice. "How're you feeling today? You slept for a really long time!"

"I'm fine today!" Eruquellewen said, yawning. "I feel ready to get back on the road."

"Okay!" Legolas said excitedly. He waved his hand and the whole group came out with their packs ready.

"Wow!" Erquellewen laughed. "You guys were sure ready fast!"

"We've been ready!" Aragorn said, pulling Merry and Pippin away from some poison ivy, which they were about to eat. He slapped their heads.

"C'mon you two!" Gandalf said. "You do know that that is poison ivy, right?" Merry and Pippin laughed nervously.

"Thanks Aragorn," they said at the same time. "You saved us!"

"Yeah, it's nothing!" Aragorn said. Everyone laughed, knowing nothing of the dangers that lied ahead of them.

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