Erquellewen - Chapter 21-Reinforcements

Quickclaw rolled up the map as he heard a comment from one of his troop members. "I think Japool and Quickclaw have gone a little strange since they heard of the amethyst." whispered Waterwing. Quickclaw called a halt to his troop.

"Do you want to say that to my face, Waterwing?" he asked, sneering.

"Say what to your face Captain?" asked Waterwing nervously.

"What you just said about me an' boss!" Quickclaw answered with hes claws on his hips.

"I- I didn't say anything abou- about you an' the boss. I just said that I feel akward about this whole map thing. I mea- I mean what if the plan goes all wrong? What do we do then?"

"Then this is what we do." He raised his claw and stabbed Waterwing with his poison barb. The poison acted quickly. It seeped into Waterwing's blood, and right into his veins. Immediatly he died. Quickclaw spit onto his body.

"That's fer lyin' ter' me!" he hissed. "Is anyone else willin' ter take me on? he challenged. Nobody spoke. They all stared at the ground. Quickclaw turned and marched on.


Legolas thought he heard shouts and screams as he walked on with his friends. He didn't care about any talking rules, so he whispered, "Did you hear those screams?" Gandalf hushed him. "But- I heard shouts and screams!" he hissed at Gandalf.

"I highly doubt that you did. Now sshhh!" Gandalf said. But then he stopped. He heard exactly what Legolas was talking about. Orders were heard from the East. Scerams came from the West. From the North and the South, shouts came. "All of you," Gandalf whispered. "Get into the lake over there. On my signal, go under for as long as you can. If you have to go up for air, don't go too high." Everyone nodded and snuck into the water.

In about twenty minutes, four troops of spiders met exacly where there boss had told them to meet. They thought that all of the other troops were the enemy, so they all attacked each other. But only a few spiders were dead before they realized that they were attacking their own fleet.

Oh-no! Erquellewen thought. If they were spotted, they'd have to fight against 3,000 spiders. Her eyes were just above the surface of the water. She watched the spiders arguing fr a ocuple minutes, and then bobbed up for air. The spiders heard her go back under water, but they couldn't go into the water, or else they would drown.

"I just killed Waterwing a couple of hours ago." Quickclaw said. "He was disobeyin' me an' Japool. Makin' fun of us."

Erquellwen was now under the water. She swam over to Legolas who was about to go up for air with Gimili. She signaled for them to be careful. She knew that the spiders were onto them.

All of a sudden, the spiders were attacked by a force of elves and men. Spifer bodies were falling into the lake, their black blood staining the water. But through all of the blood, you could see Erquellewen's teeth shining brightly. She was glad because she knew that reinforcements had come.

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