Epilogue - Aragorn

Authors note: This is the last of my epilogues for Lord of the Rings. Next I'm doing a story about a dwarf during the war of the ring.

King Elessar walked though the Castle halls in the early hours of the morning. As he passed the room of his son Eldarion he looked in at his sleeping son. He looked and thought about how peaceful his son looked and how he would make a great king after his passing. Eldarion shivered in the cold morning breeze so Aragorn entered the room and put a sheet over Eldarion to warm him up.

He then continued his walk down the castle halls. He arrived at his study and sat down at his desk and a quill and piece of parchment. He began to write he had been meaning to catch up with his Hobbit friend Sam so he started writing him a letter about meeting up with their family for some time to catch up.

As he wrote an elegant figure strode into the room and walked up behind him and kissed him on the cheek saying "Good morning, my love," This of course was his wife Queen Arwen. "What are you writing?" she asked him

"It's a letter to Sam and his family. I think it's time we caught up with them,"

"Read it to me,"

And so he read:

"Elessar Aragorn the Elfstone King of Gondor and Lord of the Westlands will approach the Bridge of Baranduin on the first day of Spring, or in the Shire-reckoning the twenty-fifth day of March next, and desires there to greet all his friends. In especial he desires to see Master Samwise Mayor of the Shire, and Rose his wife, and Elanor, Rose, Goldilocks and Daisy his daughters, and Frodo, Merry, Pippin, and Hamfast his sons.

To Samwise and Rose the King's greeting from Minas Tirith, the thirty-first day of the Stirring being the twenty-third of February in their reckoning."

And so he finished reading the letter

"And now to post it," she told him. He put it in an envelope and addressed it to Bag end.

He then took the letter to his mailman and asked it to be sent directly to Hobbiton. And as he walked back down the castle halls he looked out a Northward window and seeing the dimly lit lands in the distance he knew that all was good across Middle-earth.

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