Eowyn's daughter Neoli - -and her finding of an Elf to become her best Friend

Neoli awoke to find the smell of summer flowers beside her bed; they were the ones she had picked yesterday. For fourteen years she strayed in the borders of Rohan and a little bit further off not knowing what lies afar but today she was determined to leave, well, for a while to somewhere she had never been. She wanted to see the rest of middle-earth. Even though she had travelled with her mother, father, cousin Arfin (Eomer's son), her uncle and some other relatives to Minis Tirith once in a while. Her father and mother forbid her to leave Meduseld because of the orcs and other dangers of the world. Anyway, she knew she was old enough to go by herself only for half a day, thats all she was asking for.

She dressed herself and ran downstairs. Her long golden hair streaming along her arms as she ran, she looked like her mother so much. When her father said so she would deny it and laugh. She saw her mother talking to Arfin he must have done something wrong and smiled to herself.

'Mother', waving her arms about her thin body. Eowyn's, expression on her face became soft and delicate and turned towards her daughter. 'Neoli your awake'. Arfin pocked his tongue at her and ran off using lis chubby legs to skim across the village people.Neoli thought her cousin was very cuit at the age of five. Her mother's slender body stood up as she was leaning to the same height as Arfin. This would be the time that she would tell her mother of what she wanted to do.

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