Elven Ranger - Chapter 12 - Battle of Helm's Deep

+ Elven Ranger - Battle of Helm's Deep +

These were the biggest creatures Eleniel had ever seen, though they had more fighting skill than any simple orc they still blundered about which was their weakness. Eleniel was soon covered in their black blood; she blocked their blows and served her own. The wall was now covered with Uruks and more were appearing by the second, Eleniel decapitated them as they ascended the newly raised ladders. Someone took hold of the back of her belt she looked around, it was Haldir. "Push it down!" He called, "I'll make sure you don't fall." Eleniel nodded, she killed another Uruk as it came into view then threw all her weight against the ladder and it fell, for a moment she felt like she would fall because she was leaning so far over the wall. But she was happy to see the ladder squashed many Uruk-Hai. Haldir pulled her back quickly.

"Good work." He clapped her on the back and then they kept fighting, cutting, slashing, stabbing, it was never ending. Eleniel noticed Gimili standing upon the edge of the wall hacking at the Uruks as they climbed up the ladder, counting as he went. She shook her head, `that dwarf has guts.' She thought to herself.

`Uh oh!' Eleniel noticed the line of Uruk-Hai making their way up the causeway in a tortoise formation, their long and broad shields protecting them. Aragorn noticed this as well, "Na fennas!" (Causeway!) He shouted and directed some Elven archers to aim at the causeway. The arrows kill Uruks at the sides of the lines but still the line advances.

Eleniel's hair was plastered to the side of her face with blood; her helm had been knocked off a while ago. Sometimes this seemed so meaningless, continuously killing, the same thing over and over again and seeing no end in sight... still they came. As she fought, Eleniel saw a bright light out of the corner of her eye. A Uruk-Hai with thin armor on, seeming to be some sort of runner not a warrior and was carrying a bright torch. It ran towards the wall, a runway was opened up between the Uruk-Hai; they were stamping and calling urging the runner on. It took multiple arrows and then dived with a last effort at the wall.

Eleniel was thrown off her feet; she felt her body meet the hard cold stone floor. Her head spun for a moment and then when she opened her eyes she saw the enormous explosion had blown away a part of the wall. "What!?" She got to her feet and came to the edge of the great gap, Saruman's Uruk-Hai were now pouring through the hole. Aragorn was lying on the ground, Eleniel cried out and she heard another call Aragorn's name. Gimili was on the other side of the wall; he ran and jumped out onto the advancing Uruk-Hai he took a number of them out with ferocious swings of his axe. He soon was failing under their onslaught.

Eleniel took up a discarded bow, and with some of her remaining arrows she fired down upon the Uruk-Hai being careful not to hit Gimili. Gimili fell to the ground and Aragorn regained consciousness, "Hado I philinn!" (`Hurl the arrows!') Aragorn called to the elves standing behind the wall. A storm of arrows fell upon the Uruk-Hai.

"Herio!" The elves charge forward with their swords, Eleniel turned from the sight and looked closer to home. Upon the wall was still a mass of Uruks, she dropped the bow and returned to fighting with her sword.

Uruk- Hai after Uruk-Hai, Eleniel soon thought her arms were going to fall off. She was soon faced with a particularly large Uruk, it laughed evilly as it advanced on her, Eleniel guessed it was a laugh because it was accompanied by an evil grin. "A little she-elf, you will make good food!" It gave a roar and lunged at her, Eleniel darted from its attack, it spun around, it had lost her, it growled angrily when it saw her again, she lunged at it at the same time it went for her again. It had a long black sword, they fought and Eleniel noticed it was making her move back; Eleniel soon fell backwards over a dead body. The Uruk-Hai then stabbed her in the arm. Eleniel swore at the burning pain. It pulled the blade out and then swung its sword to bring it down upon her neck.

Eleniel kicked out her leg fiercely and knocked the Uruk-Hai's feet from under him, it landed on the ground and before it knew what had happened Eleniel had plunged her sword into its heart. She wasn't going to go down like that. "Arh! That piece of...!" Eleniel put her hand over the deep wound in her arm, she took her hand away and her blood was mingled with another darker looking substance, poison. That was why the wound was burning like a red hot fire.

There came a call from behind her, "Am marad! Haldir, Am marad! Back to the Keep, get to the keep, Eleniel! Am marad!" Eleniel turned and nodded to Aragorn, `where is Haldir?' She looked around, she saw him getting elven soldiers to get back to the keep. She killed some more Uruk-Hai, Haldir cried out in pain, he had been stabbed deeply in the arm, he quickly killed the Uruk that had inflicted the wound. Haldir looked down at the wound in disbelief. Eleniel cried out, "Watch your back!" He looked up at her not understanding. She sprinted forward as a large Uruk-Hai lifted an axe, Eleniel pushed Haldir roughly out of the way, and the axe fell upon her and ricocheted off her left shoulder plate armor. Eleniel cried out in pain as the force came down upon her, she fell to her knees. Something bright and swift passed right by her head into the Uruk-Hai looming in front of her. Everything went dark and all she knew was pain.


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