Elven Light - chapter two: An Elven lord

Elizabeth opened her eyes, for she had fallen into a sudden and very deep slumber. Alice was beside her and she had not awoken as of yet. Elizabeth rose from where she lay upon the grass, beneath a great oak tree, whose fair young leaves fell to the ground and onto her jacket.
The land, when she suffered to look, was strange to her; great trees of both Pine and Oak grew closely together, their boughs hindering the sun from shedding its light onto the ground, which was brown and dead from the cold of the winter months. This forest resembled nothing she had ever seen in Oklahoma. " Where am I ?" She wondered, and woke Alice from her peacefull sleep." Alice, Look where we are!"
Alice gasped." Elsie," She said," Do you know where this is?"
Elizabeth shook her head and Alice replied:" This is MirkWood
Forest! Elizabeth, we're in Middle Earth!"
" And just how do you know that?" Elizabeth returned.
" Because I saw a picture of it once in a Lord of the Rings illu-
stration giude...... I think Alan Lee painted it." Alice said in answer.
" It could be a coinsidence," Elizabeth said," There is no way we're in Middle Earth. Agghhh! This is so confusing! It all happened so fast..... y'know, Alice, we might be... dead."
However, just as she had finished her words, a russtle was heard in the leaves above them, and in a moment the cloaked and hooded figure lept from high amid the boughs
of the oak tree and stood before them.
" Ah," It Said, its voice softened, so that it was softer than the leaves above them." You are not dead. You, Alice, you are in the right, for indeed you stand in my homeland of MirkWood. I have taken you young girls from your own land
so thatyou may hear of your destiny."
" What 'destiny' are you talking about, kidnapper?"Elizabeth hissed in a sudden rage, " We want to go home now!"
" That I cannot do, Elizabeth." The figure replied, " But come, I Must now take you to The Elven King beneath the hills, for it is there that you shall learn of your fate, as I cannot say."
Whereupon he threw Elizabeth and Alice over his shoulder and carried them through the forest and the mist, to the north. " Put us down you filthy kiddnapper!" Elizabeth cried, but the figure listened not.

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