Elven Light - Chapter one: Elizabeth

There once lived a young girl named Elizabeth McVicker, a happy quiet girl of sixteen, and she was very pretty, as lovely as the sun is bright. She was a young competitor in the Irish Feis, and when she herself would dance, those who watched her felt a joy in their hearts, for she was so gracefull.
Yes, her life was very happy, but it would not remain so, because somthing frighteningly wonderful, that most would not think possible, was to happen to Elizabeth that would turn her life upside-down, inside-out and all-about in a most unpleasant way. Here is how it happened:
One winter's day, on the very eve of Christmas, the sun rose over the plains of Pryor, Oklahoma and awoke all who slept with its warm shining light. Elizabeth was up and dressed far before most of her family, for in it she was the only child still attending high-school, Jefferson High to be exact, and the bus was yet to be seen coming down her street.
" Elizabeth," Came a weary voice from beside her, it was her mother, Annie McVicker, only just awoken." Have you eaten breakfast yet, dear?"
" No, mom, but I'm really not hungry." Elizabeth replied, and her mom nodded her head with a great yawn and laid down on the sofa. Just then, the bus rolled before Elizabeth's house and with a kiss good-bye for her mom, the young girl joined her friends on their way to school as well.
" Hey, Alice," Elizabeth called to a seccond girl her own age,
" look, I got the third" Lord of the Rings" book! Here, you want to read it ?"
" OOH, ya did!" Alice repliedwith a grin, "yeah of course I want to read it!", and so both the girls sat together and read from the small leather-bound book as the bus rode on, drawing ever closer to the merciless confinement of High School.
" Mmmm, wouldn't it be great if we could accually see an elf, or a hobbit ?" Alice sighed with longing and Elizabeth agreed that indeed it would be great but, sadly, wouldn't ever happen
to them. " Oh, don't ever say 'never'," Alice said cheerfully.
" Because you never know....."
" Yeah, youre right." Elizabeth answered and the girls cont-
inued to read from their book. However, what no one saw, was a dark, hooded figure, tall and fair, stepping into the road.
Only just to late did the bus-driver see the figure, and when she swerved to avoid hitting it, she lost control and the bus toppled to its side in a ditch nearby.
Elizabeth and Alice, along with all the other children were thrown against the windows, screaming for their lives, helpless to do anything else.

The dark figure strode to the wreck and with great streanght pulled open the locked emergency doors, and forced its way
through the kicking and screaming children. When it reached Elizabeth and Alice, it grabbed them and threw them over its
shoulders,then it left the wreck, the two girls screaming for their lives.
" Where are you taking us!" Elizabeth cried and the figure replied:" To my land!"

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