Eltinuviel - Part 7

Thorwen woke to a knock on her door. "Come in", she said drowsily. A maid with an exquisite dress entered and curtsied.

"M'lady, I am here to get you ready for your betrothal."

"Thank you, I'll change now." The maid handed her the garments and Thorwen stepped into the bathing chamber to put them on.

Ten minutes later, Thorwen came out of the bathing chamber looking like a Gondorian Princess. The maid then applied the make-up and put her hair into a braid. She then twisted the braid around her head to make an exquisite bun. As a final touch to go with the blue and silver gown, she placed a thin, silver circlet that belonged to the Queen on top of Thorwen's head. In fact, the whole outfit belonged to the Queen, but Thorwen was not to know that.


Eldarion was pacing. It wasn't the wedding, but it was close enough. He was very nervous.

"Eldarion, do not worry, it is not even the wedding yet!", his father tried to calm him, but to no avail.

"It's close enough! She's going to look gorgeous and we're going to exchange vows, so basically, it's a wedding.", Eldarion retorted.

Aragorn just rolled his eyes and flopped down in a chair, muttering something akin to 'Children of the new age...don't have any common sense!'


Thorwen was very excited. After all, it wasn't every day you got betrothed to the Crown Prince of Gondor. Arwen was with her, teaching her calm, mediative breathing techniques. So far, it was working. She just hoped it would work in five minutes.


The two walked forward, set hand in hand and exchanged vows to never break the trothplight, slipping silver rings on eathother's fingers in symbolism of their words.

"See? I told you it would go well.", chorused the monarchs of Gondor when the young couple approached them.

Both scowled and rolled their eyes.

"You two were great! I told you, Thorwen.", Thoryon walked up to them and congratulated the couple, directing his last comment towards his daughter, who in turn rolled her eyes. This was going to be a long sixth months.


Arwen dragged her soon-to-be daughter-in-law into the tailor's working chamber.

"What brings you here, Your Majesties?", the tailor asked bowing.

"We would like to have a dress made for the Lady Thorwen's wedding.", answered Arwen before the other woman could.

"Very well, M'ladies. Take your pick."

Thorwen chose a white fabric to be designed with silver swirls and such, to give it an almost elven look.

The tailor accepted the task with a short bow and "It shall be done, M'ladies."

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