Eltinuviel - Part 2

"Thank you", she replied giggling.

"Would you like to take a walk in the gardens, if you are well enough?"

"yes, I would. We should be alright as long as the Warden doesn't catch us, he is very strict."

Eldarion laughed,"I know that from first hand experience, M'lady."

By that time they had entered the garden, and were fairly well hid, as not to be seen by the Warden.

Eldarion was still staring into her eyes. They were a beautiful, flowing, bright blue. He couldn't resist those eyes. Without thinking, acting out of pure desire, he swept her up into a long, sweet, juicy kiss.

When they broke for air, Eltinuviel wasn't sure what to do. Run from him, slap him, kiss him back? Maybe...yes, she realized then that she loved him. Waving her long, dark hair, in a second kiss, she mingled it with his shoulder length raven hair.

After the second kiss, neither one were sure what to do. Finally, Eldarion said,"Eltinuviel, do you love me? For I surely do love you."

"Aye, Eldarion, I do...amin mela lle*", she suddenly switched to Sindarin, but she had no idea where it came from!

"Eltinuviel, I did not know that you spoke Sindarin!", Eldarion gasped.

"Neither did I!", Eltinuviel answered.

"You must be regaining your memory! Slowly maybe, but you are still regaining it."he said, eyes wide with anticipation."Come, I will take you to Father. He may know whats going on."

"But what about the Warden?"

"He does not know", Eldarion said flashing a devilish grin.

Eltinuviel laughed as they descended into the palace. Suddenly, Eltinuviel gasped."What?! We are going into the palace?!"

"Yes", Eldarion replied, confused,"This is my home, I am the Crown Prince of Gondor, I thought you knew."

"No indeed, M'lord. But tell me, Sire, is the Father you're talking about the king?", she replied, switching quickly to formality.

"Yes, who else would it be? And please, just call me Eldarion, I can hardly put up with the servants calling me Sire...I would not be able to tolerate my love using the same formality."

"Very well, Si-Eldarion"

They were finally right outside the king's study. Their were guards there, of course, so no one arrived unannounced, but Eldarion had free access to his Father's Study at all times, announced or not. The Guards moved aside and opened the double doors for them, and they entered, both desperately hoping all would go well.

*Amin mela lle=I love you

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