Elessar And Evenstar - Chapter two-a strange dream.

Hi...sorry the first one was really short, I had to go. um, this isn't the end.

Arwen rose from the ground next to the bed that Aragorn lay in. Rising slowly, she went to fetch the guard of the hallows. "The King is dead. Please see that a funeral is arranged." and without another word she went to her chamber. Illuin and nenriel were waiting outside, patiently. "yes?" Arwen asked them. "Mother.......is Father really gone?" Illuin asked. And for a very long time she sat there, with Illuin and Nenriel standing by her side. At last she nodded and Nenriel hustled illuin and herself out of the room. Arwen lay down and at last sleep overcame her.
She was walking...walking.....but she wasn't going anywhere. At last she heard a voice. Aragorn's voice. "Arwen. Arwen. Follow your heart to whre you belong." And the voice faded. And then her grandmother appeared before her, as a spirit from Valinor. " To Valinor you shall now never come. I bid thee fare well, Evenstar." Galadriel said. "Wait!" Arwen said. "Why is it I cannot come?" Galadriel shook her head sadly. "For Mandos has a new place for you." "but...what about Beren and Luthien? They got to return and be together, but even though they were separate from all others they had a choice." But before Galadriel said anymore, the dream ended.
Arwen looked around. No....Galadriel was gone. It was just a dream. Her beloved would never return.Then her father's voice came drifting into her mind.
"But you my daughter, will linger on. But when your time comes, you will not yet be weary of your days."
She had ignored her father's prophecy. But it was true. And the next week, as Aragorn's funeral passed by, she rode to Lorien and lay on Cerin Amroth. "Namarie, Eldarion." she whispered. And she passed into darkness.

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