Elessar And Evenstar - Arwen truly realizes what she has chosen

For many years Gondor was at peace. They had a just ruler-Elessar the King. But finally, after many years, he began to wane.For though he tried to hide it from his son Eldarion and his daughters Eldaliel,Lalaith, Illuin and Nenriel, he could not hide it from Arwen. He decided he would rather go in grace. In many days that passed, he began to feel more tired. At last, as the dawn of a new day came, he called Eldarion and Nenriel, his two oldest children to him.
"At last my time has come." he said. "You-you mean......."Nenriel trailed off. "Yes, Nenriel. I must say goodbye. Know I love you very much. Please send for Illuin. Goodbye!" And he kissed them each and they departed from his chamber. At last Illuin walked in. "You wish to see me?" she asked. "Illuin, you are my second youngest child. I love you very much. But know I must soon depart forever." Aragorn said. "And I wish to say goodbye." And he kissed her on her brow and hugger her, and asked her to send for lalaith. She was youngest of the children, and of his kids he wished to see her last. She was only six. "Ada!"(father)she said. He explained to her in his kindly way how he must leave. After she left Arwen came in. Her face was full of tears. "Arwen."he said. "Tolen i lu.(it is time.)I must go. I love you. Take care of our children. " Arwen had tears streaming freely now. "Don't go!" she said. "Goodbye Arwen."And with that he lay still.
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