Dragon Moon - Prologue:- History Written

Prologue:- History Written

Love, desire, betrayal, Death. Upon one darkening evening fate spread its wings across the land, as one Nightingale does as it prepares its flight and voice for the dying day. Upon that evening the future of Middle-earth had begun, for a babe was born. An Elven child of great magnificience and beauty, one that some had said was the darkened beauty of that of Luthien Tinuviel. For the babe's eyes was that of clouded Grey with a pale light that lingered within. And her hair, wreathed with the scent of lavender and dark as the midnight sky. She was named Morinvala, Lady of the Dusk, in the tongue of the Moriquendi. But it was said she was named Lady of the Dark Power's in the Sindarin tongue, for many feared her so. Jealosy and hatred of the beautiness of Morinvala spread amongst the Noldor.

It was at this time when Saleesa, King of the Moriquendi, father of Morinvala; knew his rule was failing. His once dearest friends whispered secrets and lies, trying to decieve him. He dismissed the lies as he watched Morinvala grow, innocent and filled with childish curiosity. Happiness bloomed within Saleesa as he began to adore his daughter. Wherever she roamed her beauty was looked upon and awed. Saleesa's rule, once weakened, grew strong once more. The lies ceased and everything became prosperous. Though, a shadow of deceit spread throughout the Southern lands of Beleriand.

The Noldor grew more and more hateful towards the Moriquendi, for the whispered lies and rumours had poisoned their hearts. Many, in secret, began to devise a way to rid of the King and his family. "Upon a Dragon Moon; the night after, shall this deed be done." One had stated. The plan quickly spread and was agreed upon; thus it was done, death had set its mark, it was inevitable.

Authors Note: Sorry this took so long to post, my computer's been acting up lately!

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