Diana-Glorfiniel - Part two

As the company departed from Rivendell, Diana wondered if

she would be up to the journey. After all, the farthest she had

walked in one day was a few miles, when she was hiking.

"But I wonder if all that changed when I got here', she


For the rest of the day she pondered things of this sort.

When they stopped for the night she was wondering one

thing in particular, would she be able to keep herself from

changing the story.

As she unrolled her blanket, she noticed with amusment that

Legolas and Gimli were sleeping as far away from each other

as possible. Aragorn and Gandalf were talking in hushed

voices, and Pippin was already asleep.

She laid down and, covering herself with her blanket, fell

asleep looking at Middle Earth's beautiful stars.

She awoke the next morning, just as the others were getting

up. After she ate she instinctively looked at her wrist, then

mentally smacked herself on the forehead when she

remembered that she didn't have her watch anymore.

Suddenly she remembered one thing: toilet. She had never

thought about it before, and now she realized how important

it was. She decided to 'take a stroll' in the forest before that

days march. Luckily the others understood. When she

returned, camp was cleaned up and everyone was ready to


While they were walking, she realized another thing, she

could understand elvish. Not just know what some of the

words went, but actually understand it. It was like her first

language. she found this out when she heard Legolas and

Aragorn talking in Elvish.

They would probably reach the place where the Crebain

passed them in a couple of days. Diana kept wondering if

she should tell them what was going to happen. It might

save them a lot of trouble, but it would completely change

the story. Then again, her coming with the fellowship had

already changed the story-a lot.

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