Diana-Glorfiniel - Part three

The next morning was uneventful. That afternoon they reached the place where the Crebain would fly overhead. Finally Diana just couldn't help herself. As soon as her now Elven sharp eyes spotted a dark cloud on the horizon, she spoke to Gandalf, telling him about the Crebain. They immediately cleaned up camp properly, and found decent hiding spots for everyone, including Bill. They waited until the Crebain were out of sight before coming back out. Then they left the spot immediately, traveling on towards Caradrhas. By the end of the day they got to the base of the mountain, were they camped.
The next day, after eating, they began the long journey up the mountain. Merry kept complaining about the cold, and Pippin, much to the surprise of the other hobbits, actually suggested that they should have brought shoes. Legolas and herself were, of course, in the lead, as they could walk on top of the slightly crusted snow. Gimli would occasionally mutter something rude under his breath about elves, which Diana and Legolas could hear perfectly, as could Aragorn, who kept tactfully telling him to shut up. By evening they were about one third up the mountain. It was very cold, and Pippin kept asking Gandalf to make a fire, until Gandalf `calmly' explained that he couldn't, unless pippin wanted to be the fuel. After that Pippin was quiet. The next morning they awoke to the freezing morning air. As Saruman didn't know where they were, there was no snowstorm. That night, when they reached the top of the mountain, Pippin began complaining again, and Gandalf silenced him with the same remark.
The next night they were at the bottom of the mountain. From there they made their way towards Lothlorien, with a few minor skirmishes on the way. That night they reached Lothlorien, and as the Elves recognized Gandalf, were warmly welcomed.
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