Diana-Glorfiniel - part four

Diana awoke after a peaceful rest in Lothlorien. Rubbing the sleep out of her eyes, she found that she was no longer in middle-earth. Instead, she was lying on her bed. Her FOTR book was on the bed next to her. She picked it up, and opened it to the council. Right there, in the book that said J.R.R. Tolkien on the front, it said that an elf named Glofiniel went with the company, warned gandalf about the crebain, and everthing else that had happened. She put the book down, shocked. Then the phone rang. It was her friend, Kate, who was, like herself, LOTR obsessed.
"Diana, I just saw something totally freaky. I was reading FOTR, and i got up to get a drink. When I came back and picked up my book, it said that there was an elf named Glofiniel or something like that...that went with the company! Can you believe it!?"
"Just a second, let me check mine," replied Diana. she rustled around with her book a bit, pretending to be checking it. "Mine says that too!"
"What the heck is going on?" Asked Kate.
"I do not know. Maybe one of us is in a really strange dream," said Diana, almost believeing it herself. "Though it doesn't seem like it."
" I know. Well, this is just too freaky. Do you mind if I come over?"
"Actually, I'm going to the movies. It's a special trip with my mom," Diana lied.
"OK. Well, bye."
"Bye." Diana hung up the phone. All of a sudden she got a horrible thought. Taking out her copy of FOTR, she put it in her DVD player, and fastforwarded it to the council. There she was, at the council, then standing with the company, and so forth.
She turned it off, and flopped on her bed again.
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