Diana-Glofiniel - part five

Diana laid on her bed, and sighed. She switched on the TV, hoping to find something interesting. She flipped channels, until she got to the news.
"Oh no." She thought. A female reporter was speaking.
"Today we have a breaking story. It seems that all over the world, people's Lord of the Rings books are changing. A young fan of Tolkien's reported this to the news station. Cortney Stewart, 15, was reading her Lord of the Rings book. When she reached the chapter entitled: The Council of Elrond, she got up to get a drink. When she returned and picked up her book..."
Diana switched it off, and groaned.
"Why the heck is this happening? Why, why, why?" She decided she had better get back to Middle Earth. Picking up her book, she opened it to lothlorien, and turned the soundtrack to the lorien music. She laid down on her bed, and began to read.

The Fellowship were standing on the banks of Lorien, recieving their gifts from Galadriel. When it came Glorfiniel's turn, Galadriel gave her a bow, as Legolas'. She also gave her a jewel, containing power to heal.
The Fellowship were soon paddling in the great Anduin. Glofiniel sat in Legolas and Gimli's boat, in front of Gimli.
When they reached Emyn Muil, Frodo wandered off, and Glofiniel, watching, followed at a distance. He met with Boromir, and she watched as the conversation took place. When Boromir started chasing Frodo, she stepped in.
"Boromir, leave him be!"
Boromir whirled to face her. "Go away!" He shouted angrily, turning back to Frodo, who had backed off a bit.
"No! He was appointed the Ring-Bearer."
"And who appointed you his protecter? You're nothing but a woman!"
"We are all his protecters! Or should be! What has come over you?" by now Frodo was gone.
"I do not know," Boromir said, seemingly over it. "But it has passed. I am sorry."
"Do not worry. But I have a fear of something dangerous happening. Will you go back, and guard Merry and Pippin from any harm that may come?"
"I will." And so saying, he departed.

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