Daughter of the Golden Wood - Celebrian's story, part one

Celebrian first became a woman when she saw Elrond approaching her in Lothlorien.

It was a beautiful day, but then, Lothlorien was an Elven place, so it was bound to be beautiful. Since she was the one concerned, Celebrian didn't realize that her ivory-and-gold beauty added to the loveliness of the forest. But Elrond of Rivendell did, as he came around a tree and saw Celebrian, her hari shining like pure gold, her hand lightly touching the trunk of a tree. He caught his breath, half hoping that she would turn and see him and half hoping that she would not, and that her beauty would stay unmarred by earthly speech or action.

With her keen Elf senses, Celebrian realized she was being watched. She had not taken a dagger, but if her watcher was unfriendly, he could expect to get at least a few bruises. Slowly she turned.

Almost silhouetted with the sun at his back was an Elf. He was standing half-concealed behind a tree, his long hair dark even with the sun on it. He stepped from the tree and walked toward her. Celebrian saw the look in his eyes - both admiring and rapturous at once. And at that very moment, something within her changed, and her eyes wavered before meeting his. Somehow, that one undescribable look had changed her forever.

Celebrian forced herself to be calm as the Elf approached her. "Welcome to Lothlorien," she said, and regretted it instantly. What a stupid thing to say! He had probably heard that little platitude from hundreds of Elves by now.

He didn't seem to mind hearing it again. "Thank you, Lady. I am Elrond of Rivendell."

Clearly he wanted her name. He wanted her name? "I am Celebrian, daughter of Galadriel and Celeborn."

Elrond nodded. "You look like your mother."

Celebrian blushed. Galadriel was said to be the most beautiful Elf in Middle-earth. He thought she was beautiful? "I never heard it said of Rivendell Elves that they were more courtly than anyone in Middle-earth," she said, trying to banter words.

He fixed her with a dark brown gaze. "We aren't. We're only honest."

Celebrian found she could not look away from Elrond's dark eyes. They were magnetic and compelling. She looked back into them with her own sky-blue eyes. Elrond thought they must be the color of the sky in Valinor.

The wind rustled their hair and Celebrian's floaty skirt. Elrond blinked and looked away. "As I was saying," he said almost breathlessly, "we Rivendell Elves are very honest, so I know you'll believe me when I say that I should pay my respects to your parents." One last lockingof their eyes, and he left, pacing back the way he had come.

Celebrian stood very still, her whole body in a turmoil over what had just happened. Something odd and new and wonderful had happened to her when she saw Elrond, and it probably had something to do with her racing heart and quickened breathing. Could she be...in love?

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