Daughter of Feanor - Part 4- Going

"We're going." Ashley said sternly. She'd been somewhat hesitent from the beginning of the meeting, and the others wondered where this burst of her old confidence had come from. "And that's final."

"So you want to get yourselves killed then?" Aragorn looked at them, exasperated with the effort of dissuading them from even following the Fellowship.

"That may be, but who else is gonna help you get out of the messes you're gonna get stuck in?"

"I'm not exactly sure that you have any idea at all of what you are vollenteering for." Elrond said. "There is absolutly no reason for you to be foolishly endangering your own lives."

"And," Gandalf added harshly, "You'll ownly slow us down. Nine walkers is already nearly too manny. We can't have eight others tagging along at our heels when we'll have enough to worry about on our own."

"You don't have the slightest idea of what's ahead." Aragorn added.

"More so than you do." Ashley said, but backed down quickly, looking to the others for support. "At least they do."

"Fine then." Elrond looked at them with angry eyes. "You will go under the same understanding as Meriadoc and Perigrin."


And so they found themselves tagging allong with the Fellowship in Hollin, wondering when the clouds and cold would end. All longed for the sun.

The day was ending now, on January eighth of the new year {3019}. While they walked, Michelle listened to Gandalf and Frodo speaking, the rain growing lighter as they went.

{Slightly altered from FOTR: The Ring Goes South in my book beginning on page 275}

<< "We have done well." Gandalf said. "We have reached the boarders of the country that men call Hollin; manny Elves lived here in happier days, when Eregion was it's name. We have come fourty-fave leagues as the crow flies, but manny more we walked. The land and the weather will be milder now, but all the more dangerous, perhaps."

Frodo took off his hood as he said, "Dangerous or not, a real sunrise is mighty welcome."

"But the mountains are ahead of us." Pippin said, looking to the south. "We must have turned eastwards in the night."

"No." Gandalf corrected. "The mountains bend 'round south-west as the maps in Rivendell show, but I suppose you never thought to look at them?"

"I did sometimes," the young hobbit defended himself. "but I don't remember them. Frodo has a better head for that sort of thing >>

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