Darkness Falls - Chapter 2 - Down by the River

Haletha was very nervous and jumpy as she rode Frada into the woods. There were so many suspicions in her mind. Despite her fears she did not think about turning back. 'Go down near the river' she whispered to Frada. Frada snorted and turned right towards the sound of flowing water.

The wind was colder near the river and the noises more eerie. 'Its just animals' she told herself 'There's nothing to fear.' Frada wasn't helping the situation, she kept whinnying with alarm every time a splash was heard in the water. 'Ssssh!' Haletha hissed. Frada did not become calm however and Haletha could feel her shaking. Wether it was with cold or fright was unclear.

Suddenly Frada reared onto her hind legs sending Haletha flying into the river. Haletha gagged on the water that she was swallowing. She struggled to reach the surface but her foot was caught on a plant. She could feel her lungs tighten as she was running out of air. Knowing she had to get she dived deeper and undid her foot. Then, as fast as she could, she swum to the surface and broke out of the water gasping for air. She then clambered out sopping wet her chestnut hair was now almost black because of the water.

Haletha tried to clamber back onto Frada but she had no energy. After several attempts she collapsed on the floor. Frada was frantic about her owner. What would she do.

Haletha woke several hours later in a small, yet warm, room with a beautiful elf looking over her. The elf seemed familar from somewhere but Haletha was to weak to think. 'Who are you?' she asked. 'Ssh,' the elf replied soothingly 'You need rest!' Then the elf got up and went out. Haletha felt better and went to sleep.

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