Darkness Falls - A short diary of a soldier in the war of the Ring

Darkness falls--A short diary of a soldier in the war of the ring.

By the author of the story

It is just before the war of the ring to soldiers are preparing to leave for the battle. By the way I stole the name from a movie but it is nothing like the movie cuz the movie is about a tooth fairy! Also I apoligize for my speeling mistakes. And I is sorry for my grammer errors. I really suck at that kind of stuff.

Dear Diary,
Darkness falls. The dark lord Saroun has arised once again and Gondor is preparing there soldiers to depart I am one of the many men going to fight. Though there is not much hope. The Dark Lord has a army of many thousands, who don't fear death. It is really horrible watching all of these young men, some no more then fifteen years of age preparing for the battle. And men over 70 years of age preparing. We have no chance! I must stop writing now because our general is calling us. I'll write more when more happens.

Dear Diary,
We are now marching to our doom. I look sadly at all of the faces. Some are blank, like they can't believe what is happening. Others if you look into their eyes you can see the fear of death in their eyes. Some of the younger ones are laughing and joking with their friends, I don't think they know what their going to be up agaist. I myself I think I'm one of those blank faced ones. I could believe it when that horrid ringwraiths brought ruin to my nabouring city of Minus Tiris. And I can't believe this is actually happening to me!

Dear Diary,
The war is about to start. I can see the enemys coming over the horizen. There are so many orcs and what not coming that they blur together and it looks like a great ocean of foes. The elves aim their arrows and the man unsheath their swords. They rain begins to fall. Acually it's more like hail because it is hard and stings your face.
I hear a horn blow, the battle begains I must stop for awhile. Gosh I miss my wife so.

Dear Diary,
The war is over I am still alive but I can't write long because I am in the hospital. So all I can write is We have won! The dark Lord has fallen!

Dear Diary,
I am now back home again with my family. Oh how I had missed my dear wife. I am so happy to be back with her. I am so glad not to be back in that horrible war, watching brave soldiers die needlessly. And young men be stabbed. It was horrible and I am scared for life now. I have a huge scratch running down by cheek. I got it by an orc. Wow do those things have sharp claws or what? Well my wife calls me for supper now.

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