Dark Maiden of Lorien - Chapter 8-War of the Powers

A Final Showdown

Daeriul fell against the stonewall; she heard a sharp crack as her ribs broke, piercing her internal organs. She gasped in pain and coughed up blood, choking on the vile taste. Taurgûl laughed viciously as he released fire from his palms, one after the other. Daeriul deflected them quickly but she was unlucky for some. She cried out in pain as the searing heat touched her flesh. The white flame spread up her arm instantaneously leaving long burns, but as quickly as it had begun the flame dissipated. Daeriul's eyes burnt with tears of pain, the blistered palm of her right hand pushed an unseen object in front of her. Her opponent was stroke against his side by gusts of wind that had emerged from the humid air of the enclosed room.

Daeriul looked pitifully at her open wounds, she knew they could never heal; she would not emerge from this battle alive. Daeriul's torn fingers traced across the bloodied burns on her arms, the flame had diminished but the fire still burnt there. Out of the corner of her eye she saw Taurgûl stand from where he had fallen. The forgotten dagger laid between them two, their thoughts both intent on using it. Daeriul's head snapped up and the dagger rose into the air. Her eyes fell upon her brother and the dagger flew towards him, blade first. It stopped inches away from his face as an unseen force stopped it. Their minds struggled to control the dagger, Daeriul weakened her hold and it turned on her. The sharp blade pierced through her shoulder, moving sideways, cutting deep into her.

The ripping halted as Taurgûl spoke to her; "I can make this stop. If you just say that you will help me, the pain will go away."

Daeriul gritted her teeth together, "Never."

The dagger slowly drew out of her, causing more pain then it had done before. Blood flowed freely from her wound as the liquid stained blade clattered to the ground. Her brother's eyes flashed with rage. Vines sharpened with thorns shot from his body, surrounding Daeriul. They gouged into her as there green arms wrapped around her. Blood trickled down her forehead; the world through her eyes was spinning. She lifted her loosened hand towards him and spoke hoarsely.

"I will never help plague this Earth with your evilness, I would rather die then let that happen. But know this, you will die first."

Black Fire leapt from her palm and surrounded Taurgûl, his surprised face speaking words that were never heard. The vines disappeared and Daeriul fell back to the floor harshly, her breath escaped from her. She looked towards her fire-engulfed brother triumphantly, but it changed to horror, as a shape emerged, unscathed and grinning.

"You cannot get rid of me that easily." His wide grin causing Daeriul wanting to scream in horror or rage, or maybe even both. But she had already decided that she was not going to give up easily. Daeriul despite her numbing shoulder, which was beginning to weaken her, she pulled herself to her feet, leaning against the wall for support. Her face singed and weary, but her eyes blazed with a new fury. She stepped forward, slowly drawing towards him.

"My powers are almost spent, and it seems to me that you are stronger than I would have thought. But, what you do not understand is that you have to have a plan, you have to have a will to fight. You fight without thinking, without feelings, that will be your undoing." She spoke calmly, motioning her fingers towards the Eastern Wall.

A sharp snap filled the air as millions of jagged stones protruded from the smoothened wall; Taurgûl's amused expression froze. Daeriul's eyes, burnt with a fresh anger, fell upon Taurgûl's glazed eyes. A squall of wind rose quickly and hit against Taurgûl once more, carrying him towards the wall. His frozen state disappeared swiftly and he began to struggle against the squall. With inane attempts of releasing fire from his palms that burnt uselessly upon Daeriul, he gave up and accepted, unwillingly, his fate. Daeriul stared in surprise at her brother's expression, fear, the expression remained as the stones pierced through him. His eyes widened as he looked down in shock, the sharpened stones protruding from his body, dripping with blood. He looked at Daeriul once more, content mixed with weariness painted her expression. She watched as the light in his eyes faded and then fully disappeared.

Daeriul's battered legs gave way beneath her; weeping with exhaustion and pain. The now empty room fell into silence, apart from her broken sobs. A loud rasping broke the silence, she lifted her tear stained face to the stone doors. It was Haldir, she had forgotten about him. She pulled herself up and stole towards the doors, tripping over broken and scorched furniture. Wincing at the sound of the scraping door she was relieved at the sight of her forbidden love. Haldir looked at her with concern and amazement, he walked into the battlefield, his eyes still fixed upon Daeriul.

"You are wounded." He managed to whisper, delicately tracing his fingers across her burns and stopping at her shoulder.

"I...I will be fine." She lied.

His eyes shifted onto something behind her, "Is he dead?"

Daeriul looked behind her at her brother's suspended body, she started towards him and stopped a few feet away. Haldir stood by her side, transfixed.

"It is strange," she spoke quietly, "I pity him. He was my brother, yet I hated him for being who he was. And now, I feel sorry that he is dead."

Taurgûl's head shot up, Daeriul stepped back in fright. His hand reached out and grabbed her arm, pulling her towards him. His foul breath breathing upon her face, Haldir pulled her from Taurgûl's grasp. He held her tightly as Taurgûl spoke to them, "Gurtha ere' i' yesta." (Death is only the beginning) Another convulsion shook through Taurgûl, his body burst into flames and disintegrated into ash.

Daeriul looked upon what was left of her brother, "Pity. Yes."
She turned away and stopped, everything around her was spinning. Daeriul collapsed to the stone floor, her skull hitting against the floor with a sickening crunch. Darkened circles clouded her vision, Haldir bent down to her.

"You must go, I...I do not have the strength..."

"No!" Haldir's tear felt cry pierced her heart.

Daeriul lifted her shaking palm to his cheek, which was wet with tears. She smiled warmly at him, "I wish that I could have said this before, but it is still not to late. I love you Haldir, and I have always loved you."

Daeriul's smile disappeared, her eyes rolled white. The ground beneath them began to shake, Haldir's head turned sharply as the whole of the Western Wall collapsed. Brilliant light shone into the room, Haldir could see beyond the cliffs of Mordor, Gondor, safety.

"I will help you escape, but I must stay. My time is up." Daeriul whispered hoarsely.

"No, no. Please, do not leave me. I don't know what to do without you." Haldir pleaded helplessly.

Daeriul smiled, "You will find the will to go on."

Haldir felt himself being lifted into the air; the strong gusts helped him up. He cried out and struggled uselessly but it was of no use. Tears flowed freely from his eyes, as Daeriul grew farther away from him, alone in Barad Amarth. Daeriul watched as Haldir was set down gently upon a cliff face, she smiled her last time and darkness enclosed her.


Author's Note: I hope you all have enjoyed this story as much as I have enjoyed making it. I am doing a prequel to this story called Dragon Moon, this is about Daeriul's mother. It should be out soon!

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