Culedhelwen-the tenth. - prologue.

Natalie sighed, and tossed her hair. life wasnt fair. she was in that awkward phase when you wonder who you really are. why was she here? because. was the answer. why couldnt she find a boyfriend who actually loved her? because.

she twisted her hair up on top of her head. it was a strange colour; it couldnt be called dark blonde, but is couldnt be called light brown. it was gold. her face was fair, set with dark intelligent eyes framed with long lashes. her lips were "red as a rose" which she thought was stupid, as roses weren't always red. she was 25, and a vegetarian. it was getting hard. her mother thought ham wasn't meat.

she decided to go for a walk. she had picked this house because it was on the border of a wood, where she walked every morning and evening. she went down the path, singing to herself, and didnt notice the shimmering air.


It was decided, the fellowship would set out the next night. Gandalf lowered himself onto the bench, got out his pipe, and proceeded to blow multi-coloured smoke rings. he paused, what was that? couldnt be....or could it?


ok. this wasnt where her garden path ended. her house wasnt anywhere to be seen. where was she? there were footsteps. she cast her eyes around the ground for some weapon. a tree branch! it wasnt very big, but it would suffice. voices.
"you are sure?"
"yes, of course i'm sure! its time! we must hurry, who knows what will come out."

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