Culedhelwen-the tenth - chapter...3...?

Natalie was amazed. All these beautiful people, this place. it was amazing. She was the tenth member of the fellowship! She did a little dance, hen stopped as she realised someone was coming into her room. She finished braiding her hair. and looked at Gandalf. He was sitting on the end of her bed. She smiled and crossed her legs.

"yes?" she looked at him expectantly. He looked deep in thought. She decided to leave him and look around.

"um...Sir?" someone was standing at the window, looking out. He turned to look at her. "hi!" she said brightly and stuck out her hand. His hair was cut around his shoulders, and his grey eyes bore into her face. He hesitantly shook her hand. "i'm Natalie."

"Boromir." he looked back out the window. fine, thought Natalie. she turned to the fire. Bilbo was sitting talking to a dwarf with a white beard. She guessed this was Glóin. She hovered nearby, not wanting to interrupt. Bilbo noticed her after a while, and invited her to sit down. Glóin stood up and bowed. "at your service"

"At yours and your family's" Said Natalie, bowing in return. As she sat down, she noticed an elf in the corner watching her. "why is there a fire in here?" she asked. "its only 11 o'clock!"

"the fire never goes out here." said Bilbo. he took out his pipe. Natalie wrinkled a nose spattered with freckles.

"how can inhaling smoke be good for you?" she said aloud without meaning too.

"ah, but i don't inhale, miss. I exhale." Answered Bilbo, blowing a smoke ring.

"right. I'm going to leave you two to it." she walked over to the elf on the other side of the room. "do you mind if i sit down?" she pointed to the chair opposite him.

"not at all." he answered, his blue eyes peircing her face. "I was told you come from another world." he said.

"yes." She wondered where this was going. "what about it?" she wondered if that sounded rude. "sir." she added. the elf smiled.

"my name is Legolas, so call me that. but i do not know your name."

"oh, sorry. Natalie." Then she stopped when she heard singing;

Earendil was a mariner
that tarried in Arvernien;
he built a boat of timber felled
in Nimbrethil to journey in;
her sails he wove of silver fair,
of silver were her lanterns made,
her prow was fashioned like a swan,
and light upon her banners laid.

Natalie listened in a dream world untill the music finished.

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