Crystal - Chapter 1

A black horse raced through the countryside far faster than any normal horse should have been able to. On it sat a tall dark figure that reeked of authority and power. In his arms gently cradled was a tiny white bundle. The figure bent over it and gently transferred some of his power into the sleeping child, to keep it alive until they got there. Estel was a great healer, and yet thousands of healers as good as the king would not save the young princess.
The figure on the horse, did not like to interfere with the natural flow of things. If a child was born ill, then the infant must die. That was the way of the world. But his Master had a need for the child, and it was not the Rider's job to question, all he had to do was to get Arina to a time that could save her.
It would be a long journey. Crossing thousands of years was never an easy task, but now the rider had to keep a sick infant alive as well. At least he didn't have to bring the girl's nurse across time too. He usually hated killing, but understood that the woman had been suffering from what would later become know as cancer, though back in that time it was just assumed that she was growing old. Besides if the princess was found missing and the nurse was still alive, Iris would probably have killed herself anyway. She had raised all of the king's children, and would never forgive herself if something happened to one of them, even if the king did not hold her responsible
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