Crimson Waters - Chapter 4

Hope you like it!!

Suddenly an elf arrow came out of nowhere and struck the Uruk-hi in the chest. Legolas glanced up and took that chance and threw himself over the side of the boat. He dragged the ropes binding his arms across a dagger. His arms now free, he grabbed a sword floating in the water. He gripped the sword and whirled it around and sliced through an Orc that was coming at Legolas from behind. He was up to his chest in the water. Legolas pushed himself through the water toward where he had seen Celeborn and Galadriel. He saw them fighting desperately against a large band of Orcs. Instantly he ran as fast as he could toward them, killing Orcs as he went.

" Glad you could join us. Isn't it a beautiful day? " Celeborn yelled to Legolas.

"Absolutely. Can't you hear the birds chirping happily in the trees? " Legolas yelled back sarcastically, swinging his sword and chopping off the head of a nearby Orc. Celeborn grimaced and swung his own sword and chopped off the head of another nearby Orc. " Celeborn, listen to me." Legolas said seriously. "Look at the water." Celeborn glanced at the water.

" Aye, it's red. With our blood " He said sadly.

" That's my point! But its not red, it's crimson. Crimson with the blood of Elves!! Like the prophecy said!" Legolas yelled excitedly! Celeborn's face paled as what Legolas had revealed sunk in.

" Of course! That's how the Orcs got here! They must be the foe the prophecy says that we fight! That's what you knew back at the library! The man said, "I don't know how they got here, in Valinor " You knew it was because the Valar were unprepared and Morgoth comes again! Like in the prophecy!" Celeborn said to Legolas.

"Aye, and I know something else too. The one the prophecy talks of, that has a chance of saving Valinor, is I. So I shall now go back into the East so that Valinor can be saved! Try to hold out while I am gone for if you do not, then what was my point in raising an army? And I do not want any of you to die. Farewell, my friends, and I hope with all my heart that we will meet again. Farewell!!" Then Legolas turned and ran into the forest leaving Celeborn and Galadriel staring after him.

" May you fare well on your journey, Legolas, Prince of Mirkwood, and may you find what you seek, for your sake and for all of Valinor's." Galadriel whispered after him.

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