Coming home - chapter 3

"My apologies if I distracted you from anything you favor, that is not my intentions at all," he stood up and then continued. " My name is Celebra of Lorian my parents are at least 5 hours behind me, you might know them, they're the Lord and Lady of the Golden Wood, Celeborn and Galadriel," he said. Alicia smiled and then touched the pendent he wore by his chest.

"Milord, welcome to my home Mirkwood, for any relative of Galadriel and Celeborn will be welcomed to my fathers realm with open arms," Alicia said. Cerebra's eyes opened wide and then he backed a way.

"Milady, I did not know, if I did," he said being interrupted by Alicia. Alicia put a figure on his lips and then said.

"No need for an apology for that is how my peers greet me, you must be exhausted my father would love for you to stay in the palace tonight, we'll get escort for your parents so they do not falter." Celebra looked at her with compassion in his eyes, he was about to speak but the voice of Teian came about and Alicia motioned for him to hide. Celebra hid behind a large tree and Alicia hid behind a bush. After his voice passed Celebra went over to lift Alicia to her feet.

"Do you hide because of fear or because I am here?" he asked. Alicia gave a faint smile.

"He haunts my thoughts, for he has unclean feelings for me, and now I am to hide when I sense him around a corner," she said with a frown upon her face. Celebra had a frown upon his face a well; he put his hand on her shoulder.

"No maiden as fair as you should have to hide behind your own shadow for a reason of your own beauty," he said with such softness in his voice. They came upon her horse and rode it to the palace where Legolas was on the front steps there to great them with a frown on his face.
"How glad I am that you Celebra of Lorian arrived safely, but it ills me to find that my daughter escorted you home and not one of my guards, I feel so embarrassed," Legolas said with joking tone to his voice.

"My apologies Milord, it completely my fault I wondered off and your lovely daughter a woke me before anything bad would of happened to me, he turned to he Alicia," and thank you Milady, for I might not be safe if it wasn't for you," Celebra said. Alicia smiled, kissed Legolas on the cheek and said good night to both of them and continued up the stairs to her bedchamber. "If I may have a word Milord, it is about your daughter, I fear she is afraid of someone who loves her but she does not love him," he added.

"Yes, I know him, for I have heard rumors tonight that he explained his love for her and she denied him so he tried to follow her but didn't succeed, he is to be exiled from Mirkwood tomorrow, don't worry we all know why you came and she will not be harmed," Legolas said.

"Thank you, I think I'll take some rest now thank you for giving up some of your time," Celebra said. He bowed and then walked up the stairs with Legolas in to the foyer.

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