Come My Way - a short story

The song "Come" is by Namie Amuro. I heard it one night while watching "InuYasha" and this scene came to mind...
Arwen stood at the balcony, her eyes gazing at the stars. Her heart was wishing upon each one for the return of her beloved Aragorn.

[Moshi ima kanashimi afureru nara...watashi ni motarete naite ii kara]
If you are filled with sadness you can lean on me...

`How is he?' she wondered. `He's been gone for so long...and I feel the weakness of mortality in my heart.' Elrond joined his daughter outside and shook his head at the sight.

"He's not coming back," he said firmly. "He never will return for you."

[I get, I get, get the feeling...I get, I get, get the dreaming...tada kono mama]
...just like the way it is...

Arwen forced back her tears. Elrond's words may have been true, but she would not accept them, not if they were of the man she loved so dearly.

`Aragorn will come back for me.'
[Come my way...kono yami no hotori]
...alone in this darkness...

Aragorn closed his hand around the Evenstar, his heart yearning for Arwen. The jewel's light was fading slowly, warning him of death to the Evenstar of Rivendell.

`I will not let Arwen die,' Elrond had said to him. `Let her cross the sea to be with her own people.'

[Come close to me...ima akari tomoshi] I'll shine some light...

Legolas rested his hand on Aragorn's shoulder.

"The light fades," he said, "and you worry for her greater than any lover could." Aragorn stared upon the same stars that his princess had before and wished for her to cross the Sea with her people.

`I would rather let her sail and be gone forever than to die before we meet again,' he thought.
[I'll be with you, I'll be with you...tada soba ni iru kara]
...I'll stay beside you...

Arwen collapsed on her bed, weak and frail.

"I choose...a mortal life."

[Come my way...]

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