Come Back to the Light

It is cold, so cold. All around me is a dusty barren land. The sky is filled with black and red clouds. I hug myself and shiver.

There is a voice. It chills me to the bone. It is soft and it whispers. It tells me to surrender. The battle is lost. My uncle is dead. My brother is dead. I hold my hands over my ears and refuse to listen. But I can still hear his voice. He tells me it is no use to fight, all is lost. If I only surrender I will have peace. He will take me to a place where all is dark and cool and peaceful. "You lie!" I tell him. I can tell he is angered as he words grow more threatening.

I look up and see darkness from where the voice comes from. "Show yourself!" I demand but he only laughs. He tells me I shall see him soon enough. I feel shadow wrap around me trying to pull me in. He tells me it is no use to fight. I feel myself weaken. I no longer struggle. I am now very close to the darkness.

I hear another voice. I turn and see a lady carrying a small boy. Behind them is a light and a sweet smell. The lady is an elf maid. She is dressed in blue and silver. The boy bears resemblance to Lord Aragorn. Around his neck is a white jewel. The lady's dark hair blows in the wind. She is singing. I feel my strength returning. She holds out her free hand and I take it.

She pulls me gently from the hold of the shadow and leads me to the light. The dark voice grows louder, trying to get me to come back. The lady faces the darkness, still leading me, and sings to it. The voice grows angry but it also weakens. It focuses its attention on the lady, but she is undaunted. The voice grows quieter and quieter until it is gone altogether.

The light is incredibly bright, but my eyes need no shade. It is pure light, white and clean, as if it came out of a star. It surrounds me, warms me, fills my being. I can still feel the lady's hand though I can no longer see her and her child. The aroma grows stronger. I have never felt so alive. All my burdends are gone. I feel free. I am happy. I am at peace.

And then, I wake up.

*disclaimer* Not mine. If it were, LOTR would be a musical and Billy Boyd would have all the parts. Just kidding.

A/N After I read how Luthien had a confrontation with Morgoth and sang, I thought it would be neat if Arwen had a similiar confrontation with Sauron. *sigh* Blame the Music of Middle-earth documentary for further helping this idea along. Hope it was enjoyable.

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