Coio's freedom - CH:4

They were an hour out of Rivendell. From where he was you could see beautiful water falls, and even Rivendell. He had promise to wake her up, but he was going to wait to sun set. It was when the valley was most colorful, he thought. As a child he would stand in this spot as he was visiting Elrond. He would wait until the right moment, when the pink mixed with the blues, reds and the beautiful gold of the sun right over Rivendell.
Which is soon.
He reminded himself and kneeled down to Coio.
"Coio, Coio wake up."
"Oh, Hello Legolas." Coio said yawning.
"Come, I told you I would wake you." He took her hand and lead her onto to oh so familiar cliff.
"Beautiful," She breathed. "Will we get closer to the water falls?"
"Yes we will bath in them tomorrow be for we see Lord Elron." He looked down at her. She was looking out at Rivendell.
"I would love to live here, too bad I will have to return." Her eyes glistened with tears.
"You do not have to return." He was confused, why she would say that? "You could stay in Rivendell far from those people. Elron would welcome you."
"I'm sure he would, but if I don't return they will come after me with elves that would kill anyone who got in their way." Her voice trembled. A single tear slid down her face.
It got past that stone barrier. He thought "Let it out. Do not hold the tears back let the unhappyness out. Just cry until you cannot any longer. Let it out."

Should I have them start liking each other?

She will team up with Frodo and cause a little trouble?


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