Charlotte: Part two: - Legolas's "Elfhood" will never be the same,dudes!

Charlotte awoke to hear loud birds chirping outsided her window. SHe had ALWAYS hated birds, and their obnoxios, optimistic noises, so when she'd truned thirteen, after dyeing her hair red, she'd soundproofedd her walls,which made things a whole lot quieter. She opened her khol(indian eye liner) framed eyes to see she wasn't at home. "Char, we ain't in Kansas anymore" she quoted to herself.
She threw on her black corset top, the one with the REAL strings on it, that she loved, and a pair of jeans that she did not. "Ok, Middle Earth" she screamed impulsively out the window "Charlotte is up in HERRE" after thoroghly waking herself up by screaming and scaring people, she headed down the stairs to where she hoped was something to eat.
When she got downstairs, she was immediately trampled by a tall elfin girl who looked JUST like Amy Lee from Evanescense. "Hey watch it elf-grrrl" she yelled grumpily "Don't mess with me!" the girl gave her a nasty look, and strode off.
she hit the great hall just in time-Merry, Pippin, and Sam were all sitting at one end of the table. The nasty elf girl was sitting at the other end, with Aragorn and Arwen, who were beaming at the elf-grrrl. "Oh,NO" she thought "I yelled at a PRINCESS!She'll have me flayed!AAAAAA!" But her worries were in vain, since Pippin pulled out a chair, and offered it to her. "Want some eggs?or maybe you'd like a steak" she asked eagerly. "I'm a VEGETARIAN, Pip" she said "Got cornflakes" when Pippin looked at her confusedly, she grimaced."Oh, well. she thought. If it was a choice between PETA or Middle EArth, I'll take Middle Earth". "Ok, Pip." she said "I'll take that steak now"
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