Charlotte:Part three - Legolas:the long awaited meeting

Charlotte was rereading her copy of "THE FELLOWSHIP" out in the sunny courtyard in Minas Tirith, when suddenly a shadow fell across the pages. She looked up. It was Legolas. Charlotte was wowed by the sheer etheral GORGEOUSNESS of the elf. "So YOU"RE the little witch my friend the king spoke of" he said, in a quiet, but still empowering vioce. Charlotte, for once in her rule-hating life,was tounge-tied. "Whoa"she whispered. A tiny voice in her head was yelling "Wake up, Char!Just because he's a living breathing ELFIN HOTTIE doesn't give you the right to remain silent" but Charlotte ignored the voice. After what seemed like ages of staring raptly at him, she said, very faintly "I don't think "witch" is the correct word" He nodded." I always thought that witches were ugly old women with warts, and you" he paused,taking in the jeans, the henna-streaked brown hair,bright blue eyes,corset top, and jeans"you are just the opposite" he laughed "Though you ARE young.Young enough to be my daughter" Charlotte cursed her age. Fifteen was an AWFUL age to be. WHY?!?WHY WHY couldn't she be one thousandand fifty, so he would CONSIDER looking at her TWICE?! A silent, frustrated tear rolled down her cheek at the thought of being ignored by the INCREDIBLE ELF. Suddenly, she realised how Aragorn had felt when he'd first met Arwen- in love, but frustrated by TIME, the enemy of mortals. As the tears fell, Charlotte felt a hand on her shoulder. "No"she wailed between tears "Don't touch me. It'll make things worse" she sobbed like a baby into his long hair. Charlotte forced herself to stop crying, since in Alison's opinion "tears are a guy's BIGGEST turnoff" She tried to plaster a winning smile on her face, the face that so often snarled at guys, but had never encountered a guy like this before. "I'm really really sorry" she said, attempting to dry off her face on her soggy sleeve. He bowed gracefully, and left her. Charlotte's inner voice was disparing, she'd met this WONDERFUL person, and ALL the stakes were against her ever getting that close to him AGAIN. She'd scared him away with her tears. WHY ME?!?!?!!?!?She sobbed. A voice, almost just as rude-sounding as the one in her head, spoke behind her. "SO you've finally met Prince Legolas, little human? Well, don't waste your time, your tears, or your stupid heartbreak. He's MINE" Charlotte whirled aroung to face---the Princess, Arwen's daughter, the one who looked incredibly like Amy Lee. Only this time, the Princess was smug, grinning like the cat who swallowed the proverbial canary, "We were betrothed last month, HUMAN SCUM." she continued, watching Char cry "I hope your happy now. But if your not, find the palace gaurd called Eldarion, and tell him that Princess Edilya sent you." and with that, the smug bratty princess turneed on her silk-shod heel and stalked off, leaving Charlotte to her misery over the already taken Legolas.
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