Charlotte: Part Four - Eldarion and Edilya, so different, and yet, so close

Charlotte left the room, fuming at the NERVE of that BRATTY SPOILED little PRINCESS. Still resentful, she walked slowly around, not caring where she was going, until she ran, headlong into someone. Charlotte backed away and looked up into the face of the most rock-star-John-Rhys-Meyers/Orly-like guy she'd yet seen in Middle Earth.
- "Umm, sorry" she mumbled lamely, staing at her feet.
-"YOu're the witch" he informed her
-"Yeah" she said "And that would make you Eldarion?"
-" Yes" he nodded proudly " You're looking at the next Dunedan right here"
Charlotte scowled at him, wiping that stupid grin off his face in nanoseconds. there. Much better, she thought. she'd always hated snobby boys.
-" Your snotty brat sister was bragging about aout how she snared the coolest elf this side of Hobbiton" Charlotte said boredly "when I got a little grunpy, she told me to see you"
-" So Eddi's up to her usual tricks again" he laughed
-"You call her EDDI?!?!" Char screeched, totally gobsmacked. She was almost in hysterics at the very IDEA of the Snot PRINCESS'S real name bieng Eddi
Eldarion was looking mildly amused at Charlotte's hysterical laughter, when who should walk in but Princess Edilya. Her precense alone sent Char into another wave of giggles.
-"Hey, Eddi" she said, between gasps
Edilya growled and looked as thoughshe was going to spit fire at Charlotte, and Prince Eldarion, who, Charlotte thought, wasn't so bad after all.
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