Chapter3: You wont see it coming!

?Where is she?? Aragorn whispered.
?I do not know she is very close though,? Legolas answered trying to hear.
?I can hear Arwen,? he said to Aragorn.
?Is she alright?? Aragorn asked almost desperately. Legolas was silent for a few minutes.
Legolas suddenly jumped on his horse and started riding, He yelled at Aragorn to follow him. They rode for a few minutes when Legolas stopped and dismounted. He ran into the trees followed by Aragorn. They did not have to go far to find Arwen and Lessian. Arwen was propped up against a tree with her arms and legs bound and she had a gag in her mouth. Lessian was no where around. Aragorn ran and cut his beautiful wife free. He hugged her and kissed her. She rubbed her wrists, they had rope markings on them.
?Where is Lessian?? Legolas asked desperately.
?Frantra has her, he rode of North just a minute ago,? she said pointing the way. Aragorn helped Arwen to her feet and led her to his horse. Arwen sat behind Aragorn and Legolas led the way. They rode North for about ten minutes, when Aragorn noticed some hoof impressions on the ground. He dismounted and knelt down near the prints.
?They belong to his horse,? he said.
?How can you be sure?? Legolas asked.
?I have seen his horse it is massive and has vast hooves,? They followed the hooves east for a while, and then they saw the horse. They dismounted and moved their horses behind a nearby tree. Aragorn told Arwen to stay on the horse so Frantra did not see her. They walked over to Frantras? horse and tried to see if they could find him.
?What a surprise,? came a chilling voice from behind the horse. Both Aragorn and Legolas jumped.
?Why is it we always hear him before we see him?? Legolas whispered to Aragorn. Despite their extremely serious situation Aragorn laughed. They turned to face him.
?Legolas, how truly delightful to see you again,? Frantra said slowly walking closer.
?Where is Lessian?? Legolas asked trying to look behind Frantra.
?Lessian...oh do not be concerned she is very well,? He said flashing his sickening smirk. As he spoke they could hear a stifled noise from behind him. Legolas walked forward until he was face to face with Frantra, he looked Frantra in the eyes. Legolas then looked behind him and saw a rope that was tried to the hoof of Frantras? horse. Legolas did not wait for an invitation; he walked behind him and followed the rope to a little patch of bushes. Frantra made no attempt to stop Legolas as he parted the shrubs to reveal his wife. Lessian was bound and gagged as Arwen had been. Legolas pulled out a small dagger and cut the cord binding her. She spat the sheaf of material out and threw her arms around Legolas. Lessian stood up and walked out with Legolas in front of Frantra.
?Why did you not stop him?? Aragorn asked. The same question had been going through Legolas?s mind.
?I needed him to find her or my friend would never believe me,? he said.
?Friend?? Legolas asked turning around.
?Yes I do believe you know each other,? a malicious smile passed Frantras pale pink lips. Another man walked from behind the bushed where Legolas had found Lessian. He too was tall and pale with long jet black hair. His cheeks were sallow and his eyes narrow like a snake or cat. They did know him and they recognized him straight away.
? It cannot be,? Legolas said weakly.
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