Chapter 5 - Gone Now and Forever

Gimli was on the ground and blood was coming from his neck. Legolas rushed over to him.
" Gimli!" he cried. He tore more matirial off of his tunic and wrapped around Gimli's throat.
He picked Gimli up and took him over to Aragorn.
" is there anything else I can do for him?" Legolas asked Aragorn.
" no, that is all that can be done" Aragorn replied.
Aragorn looked willingly into Legolas's bright eyes for the first time.
" Legolas, you are the last one" Aragorn said with a hint of pleading in his voice.
" I am not so sure if I can defeat him, he is stronger than when I last met him" Legolas admitted.
" you have doubted your skills before do not start now we need them so much" Aragorn said.
" you are right" Legolas said staightening up.
He turned to face Terran. Terran jumped when he looked at Legolas's eyes they were pure flame.
" the last one" Terran said trying to sound confident. If the truth be told Terran was slightly afraid of Legolas.
" You talk to much and fight to little" said Legolas getting ready with his daggers.
" well then lets fight" said Terran holding his sword in front of him. Legolas said nothing. Terran made a swing for Legolas's side like he did Aragorn Legolas simply stepped back and cut Terran's arm from shoulder to wrist. Terran let out a small cry of pain. He soon regained enough strenghth to keep fighting Legolas. Terran made a sudden movement and went for Legolas stomach. The movement was so sudden that Legolas went to move out of the way but Terran's sword went deeply into Legolas's arm. He dropped one of his daggers. Legolas clasped his arm.
" you and your friends are as easy to kill as your father" Terran said smirking, but he had finally gone to far. It was as though Legolas had never been injured in his entire life. He let go f his arm and picked up his dagger. He went for Terran's throat and as Terran went to duck Legolas quickly lowered his daggers and they entered Terran's stomach. Terran screamed in pain he dropped his sword. He fell to his knees.
" now why does this seem so familar to me?" Legolas asked Terran picking up his sword.
" this is where I fooled you last time" Terran answered trying to get on his feet.
" I would not do that" Legolas told him.
" and why not?" Terran asked.
" because this time I have no problem with slaying you with my daggers" Legolas said with a small smile.
Before Terran could do anything Legolas stepped forward and inserted one of his daggers into Terran's throat and the other into his stomach.
" goodbye Terran" Legolas said straightening up. This time Terran did not float away he simply lay there covered in blood.
Legolas went to his friends.
" well done Legolas" Aragorn congragulated him.
Legolas helped Aragorn to stand up and then he picked Gimli up again. They walked to the castle. Legolas took Aragorn and gimlito houses of healing. He promissed Aragorn he would be back to see him. Legolas walked to where Terran lay. He pulled his daggers out and left him there.

" Thank you Legolas" Arwen said when Legolas told her that Aragorn was in house of healing. Arwen and Legolas went to the houses of healing. Arwen went to see Aragorn while Legolas went to see how Gimli was.
" you took your time" Gimli said when he saw Legolas. Legolas smiled glad to see that his friend was better.
" I am very sorry" he said walking over to Gimli.
" how do you feel?" he asked Gimli.
" better than I did" he admitted.
Gimli had a bandage around his neck.
" what happened to your tunic?" Gimli ansked pointing to the ripped parts of Legolas clothes.
" I tore some off when you and Aragorn were injured" Legolas told him. Arwen appeared behind him. Legolas turned around.
" hello Arwen" Gimli said happily.
" hello Gimli" she greeted him.
" Legolas, Aragorn wishes to see you" Arwen told him taking his place next to Gimli.
Legolas went to visit Aragorn as requested.
Aragorn smiled wehn he saw Legolas enter. Aragorn had bandages down both arms.
" hello"Aragorn said.
" how are you?" Legolas asked.
" I feel much better" Aragorn said.
" Legolas, I must ask are you sure you killed Terran?" Aragorn asked cautiously saying the name.
" yes, I am sure this time" Legolas answered smiling.
it was not long until Aragorn and Gimli were up again. The healers had looked at Legolas's arm and thought it best that he stay in the houses of healing for a while, but he refused. He did not want to be there while his friends were up again. So his arm had been bandaged. Aragorn was fine as was Gimli.
Legolas had told Aragorn and Gimli that the name Terran did not bother him any more. Though Aragorn thought that once when his name was mentioned he could have sworn there was a hint of flames in Legolas' eyes.

The End

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