<p> <br /> <br /> <br /> Jenna sat on the beach, looking at the stars. Absently she hummed a tune, old as time itself. Her mother used to hum it to her when she was a baby, but it had been several generations since the words were remembered. <br /> <br /> Jenna loved the star light, as had her mother&#8217;s family and all their ancestors. Another family love was the wild life, and so much had been done by her family to protect nature in the past two hundred or so yrs since her ancestors came to the west coast. <br /> <br /> A sound caught her ears, from out over the water. Her grey eyes scanned the small bay, then paused as she saw a grey ship exit the mists and approach the pier to the family boat house furling its sails.<br /> <br /> She felt a chill run down her spine, as she got up and started back to the house to call the police, then stopped, and head held high, strode to the pier. She would handle these people herself.<br /> <br /> The strange ship had moored and unloaded by the time she reached the pier. The wind carried wisps of the strangers&#8217; conversation to her. &#8220;How strange!&#8221; she thought, &#8220;Its like I should understand them but I can&#8217;t. Their language sounds so familiar!&#8221; Out loud she said, &#8220;Excuse me, but this is a private pier. You&#8217;ll have to leave.&#8221;<br /> <br /> &#8220;Don&#8217;t worry, they are about to leave Miss&#8212;&#8220; Gandalf Bowed to Jenna as he spoke. <br /> <br /> After an awkward pause she replied, &#8220;Jenna Walker, and you are trespassing!&#8221;<br /> <br /> &#8220;I apologize for the trespass, Lady Walker, and humbly request your hospitality to an old wanderer.&#8221; That should have been the last straw for Jenna, but this man, his clothes, and that ship that by rights should not exist in the first place, had her intrigued .<br /> <br /> &#8220;OK Mr. Wanderer, I&#8217;ll put you up for a night or two, but don&#8217;t get any Ideas!&#8221; <br /> <br /> &#8220;The name is Gandalf, and Thank-you, Ms Walker, I am in debit to you.&#8221;<br /> <br /> As they stood there watching the swan like ship pull away, Jenna&#8217;s curiosity got the better of her.<br /> &#8220;Why do they remind me of elves out of the old myths?&#8221; she asked. <br /> <br /> &#8220;What are myths, but scraps of old tales, half forgotten?&#8221; Gandalf replied. &#8220;Come, we have much to discuss you and I.&#8221;<br /> <br /> <br /> <br /> <br /> <br /> Jenna&#8217;s house was actually a mansion ,her family coming from old money, and was designed in a way that blended outdoors and indoors. Memories of Rivendale stirred in Gandalf&#8217;s mind as he noticed this blend of architecture and gardens. <br /> <br /> Welcome to the home of the owners and operators of Greenwood Inc.&#8221; Jenna gestured to the surroundings which included an ancient suit of armor standing beside a glass topped desk and computer station. Above the fire place hung a sword that caught Gandalf&#8217;s eye. Not because of its beauty, but because it was glowing a light blue, and the glow was getting brighter!<br /> <br /> From the beach outside came the sound of a chopper landing. &#8220;Hide your self! Gandalf ordered, seeing the confusion in Jenna&#8217;s eyes. &#8220;You are ill prepared to meet these foes!</p><p><br /> </p>
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