Buried...not forgotten. Part 6

Melwyn watched as the strange artifact flickered to life once more and the equally strange metallic contraption went back "Earth".<br/> <br/> He did not like what was happening before him; once again 'men' and another stranger were about to enter Lothlorien.<br/> If not for the strict orders from Galadriel to obey Mithrandir's words he would have filled them with arrows.<br/> <br/> That was the perfect deterrent in preventing strangers from entering the woods.<br/> <br/> Light running feet stemmed his thoughts as he turned to meet the 2 scouts heading towards him.<br/> <br/> "4 score Uru-kai; heading this way and fast."<br/> "Time to depart, announced Mithrandir before Melwyn could say a word.<br/> The mage turned to the leader of the small "alien" unit "Please come with us."<br/> <br/> The leader opened his mouth to speak when Mithandir whirled round suddenly and deflected a poison coated uru-kai arrow.<br/> <br/> <br/> * * * * * * * * * * * * *<br/> <br/> O'neil had his weapon coming up when the old gent suddenly raised his staff and turned. Then the colonel saw the barely deflected arrow at his feet.<br/> <br/> A wild chilling war cry from in front prevented any thought from forming. <br/> <br/> He looked up to see a large body of hellish looking creatures heading towards them. Mithrandir's archers were shooting arrows with perfect deadly aim; but he knew it would not be enough.<br/> <br/> "SG1! Move!!"<br/> <br/> * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *<br/> <br/> "Guard Mithrandir," yelled Melwyn as he shot three uruk-hai in quick succession. The horde was almost upon them.<br/> Then a cry of pain was heard. Melwyn knew before he turned who had been hit.<br/> <br/> Salenia. His twin sister was down and in the path of the horde.<br/> <br/> "Cover Salenia!" he yelled as he ran to her. It took a few seconds to reach her.<br/> <br/> "Leave me!" she demanded through the haze of pain and poison. Melwyn bent to carry her but he saw an uruk-hai take aim less than 15 feet from them. There was no way he could miss.<br/> <br/> Then a bolt of fire hit its chest and it was down. <br/> "Get Down!" was all the warning he had before more went over his head followed by the sound of harnessed lightning that all but shattered his delicate hearing.<br/> <br/> A quick look backwards showed that 3 strangers had lined up beside the elves and were with the aid of the bulky ungraceful black objects hurling tiny projectiles at the uruk-hai,while the tall stoic one was using what had appeared to be a staff to send fiery bolts against the enemy.<br/> <br/> A look ahead revealed that the uruk-hai were dying...and retreating.<br/> <br/> When a good number lay dead. Mithrandir called for a retreat. All knew; including the strangers that enemy reinforcements were a few heartbeats <br/> away.<br/> <br/> A quick head count revealed that Salenia was the only casualty..<br/> <br/> Some of the elves quickly constructed a make shift stretcher. Orc and uruk-hai poison was quick to weaken anyone and if not treated...death would follow.<br/> Melwyn grabbed some nen-tal leaves from one of the elves who had stopped to help.<br/> He handed it to his sister. "What is that?" asked the female human<br/> <br/> Melwyn ignored her; but Salenia replied after sending a questioning look his way. "It will slow the poison.Many thanks for your assistance."<br/> <br/> "You're welcome; let me look at the wound.." she bent to help.<br/> <br/> "No!" said Melwyn harshly. He felt the hard glare of the woman's leader rest on him. "I care for my sister. "<br/> <br/> The female human backed away. "Okay." <br/> <br/> "Major Carter," called the leader. The woman walked towards him.<br/> <br/> Melwyn quickly pulled out the arrow from Salenia's right thigh; she clamped her teeth and released a loud hiss of pain. "Forgive me sister."<br/> <br/> "I already have; but you must show appreciation to them who have helped us," softly scolded his kin in their tongue.<br/> <br/> Melwyn helped her to the stretcher. "We shouldn't have been here in the first place. We will move as fast as we can to get to Lothlorien."<br/> Salenia's iron grip stopped him. "Do not let your fear and worry over me destroy you."<br/> <br/> Melwyn stared at her for several long seconds. "Make haste to Lothlorien." The bearers moved off at a fast pace.<br/> <br/> Melwyn turned to see the leader, Colonel O'Neil watching him.<br/> <br/> The human could not be more than 40 to 50 years ; yet his gaze was old, it had measured Melwyn and found him wanting.<br/> <br/> Melwyn stood up straighter and walked up to him.<br/> <br/> "Welcome to Middle-Earth and try to keep up with us."<br/> <br/> <br/> <br/>
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