Buried...not forgotten. Part 3

III <br /> <br /> Colonel O'Neill instinctly steadied himself as he stepped over the gate's horizon. He had done this trip so many times now that it felt like a typical day at the beach. <br /> Or rather the north pole. <br /> It was cold; even though the sun was out. <br /> &quot;No locals,&quot; mused Jack as he tapped his weapon &quot;this is becoming a habit.&quot; He looked at his team. &quot;&quot;Why don't we just call it a day and go home? Fishing is a lot more fun.&quot; <br /> For some reason Daniel looked over Jack's shoulder and turned pale. &quot;Eh... Jack...&quot; <br /> <br /> &quot;I assure you; that would be a big mistake, &quot; said a loud voice. <br /> Instantly Jack, Sam and Teal'c whipped round with their weapons pointed at all possible angles of attack. <br /> <br /> Where no one stood before was an elderly tall slim gentleman in white flowing robes, shoulder length white hair and beard. He was supported by a long walking stick with a crystal on top. <br /> <br /> Jack quickly scanned the suddenly suspicious looking shrubbery and trees. His senses were on hyper-alert mode. No one suddenly appeared out of nowhere without cloaking device. <br /> &quot;Major; feeling anything? &quot; Sam glanced at her superior. <br /> The same thought had crossed her mind. <br /> &quot;I need to get close enough to...sense if he's gould.&quot; <br /> &quot;Wait, &quot; said Daniel the only one not raising a weapon &quot;he looks harmless! &quot; <br /> Jack ignored him and approached cautiously. &quot;Teal'c ; do you see or hear anything ?&quot; <br /> <br /> The former Jaffa was silent for a few seconds. &quot;We're being watched.&quot; <br /> <br /> &quot;That's quite astute of you,&quot; stated the elderly man. The colonel decided it was about time he addressed the welcoming committee. Hidden and unhidden. <br /> &quot;I'm Colonel Jack O'Neil with my team from Earth and we...&quot; <br /> &quot;Do you come in peace ?&quot; asked the old man. <br /> Jack was a bit startled &quot;Eh---yeah we do. I know it looks a bit odd...I mean our weapons and all...but you were not there a minute ago.&quot; <br /> <br /> The local smiled. &quot;True; also as your companion stated I far from being alone.&quot; <br /> He raised his right hand and more than a score of men made themselves visible. <br /> <br /> They all had arrows pointed at SG1. <br /> O'Neil swore softly under his breath. <br /> <br /> <br /> IV <br /> <br /> <br />
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