Briston's First Battle

Briston was knocked to the floor. He tried to get up, but as he started to rise the pain in his back made him collapse to the floor. "Stay on the floor!" said a deep, raspy voice from behind. "Try to get up and see what happens!" Briston felt a sharp point prod into his back, and knew whoever was behind him was armed.
"What did I do to deserve this? What did I do to you?" he asked the voice.
"Now what you have done, but what your ancestors have! You know what your Elf friends did to us orcs! They made us flee our homes because of their numbers. But now we're prepared. We have recruited for years and years until we've had enough soldiers to beat your army. Oh, and how happy the general will be when we bring in the Elven prince! HEHEHE! Yes, I will be rewarded very nicely. Just think about this, when we own your homeland you won't have to be around to see your people suffer! HAHA!"
Briston saw a bird fly overhead and then felt a sharp pain in his head as he was enveloped with darkness.


Briston awoke and saw nothing. The room he was in smelt of moldy food and urine, two things he never would've thought he'd have to smell much of. His legs and hands were chained and he realized he was in a dungeon. "Those orcs must've knocked me out and brought me here," he thought to himself.
A little light appeared to be moving to his left and he realized it was a lamp. then he heard the jingle of keys and the door to the dungeon was unlocked. The door swung open to reveal a husky orc carrying a tray of food.
"You get a meal every two days. Maybe something more if your good, but if you are I'll be a good friend and eat the food for you. HEHEHE," the orc said. Two more orcs came through the door. Briston was suprised they could fit through the door. They both pulles out a bow and pulled out an arrow. They aimed both bows at Briston's head. The first orc lay the tray next to Briston and unlocked his chains.
"You try any funny stuff you Elf and you'll never see the light of day."
The orcs left, but not before "accidentally" spilling Briston's small cup of old milk. Briston ate quickly and thought of a plan. He thought it was hopeless, and that he'd be here forever when a plan popped into his head.

To be continued...

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