Brego; A Horses Tail - Chapter Five - Pieces of the Puzzle

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As it turned out, I learned a vital piece of information into unlocking the mystery of my new master that very next day. It happened as we drew very near to Helm's Deep, and the people were looking forward to a roof over their heads for the night.

My Lord Aragorn was walking beside me today with the Lady Éowyn and her own horse, a fine bay mare of sweet nature called Elroch. Her name was elvish apparently, and very rare it was for a horse to be given an elvish name; for it meant `Star-horse', as Elroch had a distinguishing white star upon her forehead.

For the most part, the Lord and Lady walked in silence. Then Éowyn asked that crucial question.

"Where is she? The woman who gave you that jewel." She nodded at the silver pendent around Aragorn's neck.

"She is sailing to Undying Lands, with all that is left of her kin." He was not rude about it, but he gave the impression that he would say no more, and that the conversation was over. Éowyn fell quite and looked at her feet.

But yes! There it was! The first piece of the puzzle! So the woman who had given it to him had sailed into the Undying Lands. Now, I won't lie, I knew very little at that point about elves, in fact I knew next to nothing. But what I did know was that the Undying Lands, or Valinor, were the home of the `gods', as men call them, though to all horses, indeed al animals, they are the Valar. But the passage to Valinor was only open to those of elven kind - so whoever this woman was, I knew she was an elf, and that explained at least a little of my masters thoughts the night before. If she was an elf, she was immortal; yet he was a mortal man, and doomed to the Gift of Ilúvatar when at last his time came. For them to be together would mean she would have to forsake her immortality - and if that is not something that lies heavily upon a mind, then I don't know what is.

At that moment, Háma and Gambling cantered past us to on two chestnuts I didn't know, to scout ahead for danger. My master watched them over the hill with troubled eyes - he felt something was wrong. Of course, I could feel it too, as is the way with us horses, but I was convinced the whole thing was wrong, and I could not put my hoof on the problem, so I kept still. But I was uneasy - I could just tell that before long, something was going to happen.

It did.

A few minutes later, I heard the neigh of one of their horses; it was a warning, sounding shrill and clear through the air. I stopped dead and pricked my ears up over the hill, neighing in response. I waited; no reply.

Aragorn seemed to sense something was wrong and when he saw Legolas, who had been watching out over the hilltop suddenly fly down the other side and disappear from view, he tensed up.

"My Lady," he began, but Éowyn nodded and took my reins from him. At a fast pace, though still walking, he climbed the hill and looked down to survey the scene below him. Just faintly, I heard Legolas cry, "A Scout!"

Without hesitation, Aragorn turned and sped back down the hill as fast as he could with out stumbling, shouting out a warning...

"Attack! Attack! We're under attack!"

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