Brego - A Horse's Tail Part 5 - The Beginning Again

usual disclaimer applies - enjoy!

I don't really know exactly what happened next - all I knew was that we had been ambushed in the mountains and were trapped. Quickly as we could, we organized ourselves and charged but we were not fast enough. The Warg Riders were archers, and my master was shot from the saddle. I tried to stop and turn to him, but the force of the charge kept me moving. Soon our men were shattered against the wall of fierce warriors and I had a chance to turn back to him.

He was lying on his stomach face-down, unmoving. I tried everything to get him to move but it was useless - he just lay there, silent and still. Before long, the men, now led by Éomer had stopped the advance of the Orcs, and had lifted the Prince to safety. Yet as we escaped from the mountain passes and back along the plains to Edoras, I needed no-one to tell me what was happening.

Distraught, I refused to let the other men near me, and became wild. Though I let myself into the stables, I would not let them brush me down - that was what me master did, he always did it, surely he would come to do it? So I waited. And waited. And waited - but still he did not come. Then I heard the word I had been dreading.

"The Prince has died." I think I lost my mind then. I thought I could never let any man near me ever again, let alone to bear them on my back - the pain was too much. So I was left in the stable - until three strangers arrived from lands afar...

These strangers seemed to arouse suspicion in the people and rightly so - a dwarf, an elf and a man they were. Gandalf I knew and he was the new 'owner' of Shadowfax. I use the term lightly, as nobody could ever really own Shadow - he either let you ride him or he didn't.

Still, no man would I suffer to come near me - no-one that is, until I met him . Aragorn, son of Arathorn was his name and gentle were his words. He was tall and kingly and reminded me very much of my master - yet he seemed more wise, older. He saw me and spoke softly in my ear, quieting my spirits and calming me.

*"Stille nu, faeste.....Hwaet nemmath the?" he asked me in a mixture of my own tongue and another I did not know, but the words formed pictures in my mind and I understood their meaning as peaceful and fair. Then I knew I had found him.

Now he is my master and new adventures lie before me. Kind is his word and soft his hand - yet he is brave and valiant, and he has strengthened my trust once more. My past is my past, and now I can move on. Who knows what we shall find in our time to come? I know only this - my life may not be easy, but I will always be as loyal and true as I can to the King, to Aragorn, son of Arathorn - and nothing will ever waver my trust again. Ever.

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