Brego - A Horse's Tail Part 4 - A New Friend, A Bad Feeling

usual disclaimer applies - enjoy!

It must have been a week later that he came again, but this time with his father, the king. It was early evening and we were huddled around the gate, where Eosso stood making a fuss of us. Behind, I saw Théodred and two other men come up behind him. One was wearing a crown, so sense told me he was the king and the other followed at his side.
"That's the one father." said Théodred and pointed at me. I whinnied loudly and strode over to the fence post he was leaning on.

"A fine beast," nodded the King, looking me over as I welcomed my new friend," but who is this Eosso?" he was now staring at Silver. My Master explained and it was that evening that Silver was given his first true name - Shadowfax. King Théoden called him and I could see that from now on his heart would ever be turned to the mighty horse.

That was the beginning really. A month later, my master Eosso said I was fit to be Théodred's horse, and I left the small stables and lived in the elaborate yard of the King. Before long though, Snowmane and Shadowfax joined me, so I was never really separated from my friends. And Arod, Hasufel and Firefoot all became the great war horses of valiant men.

Yet I when I was with Théodred, it didn't actually matter if they were there or not - the Prince was my master now and my closest friend. I did my best to be loyal to him and for five long years, we galloped at the head of huge companies across the plains of Rohan. For it was at that time that strife came to my peaceful land. More and more we were out of Edoras to see of an attack of Orcs. Yet it didn't matter how dangerous the situation, for if my master was with me, then we would never be lost. I thought, or rather wished that I - we - could have gone on like that forever. Alas, like all good things, that was never to be.

A bright day was dawning over the plains, illuminating the Golden Hall of Meduseld, and from the moment I was taken from my stall, I knew something was wrong. There was nothing unusual - Théodred had received word of an attack of Orcs in the West Fold, and it was merely another quest to destroy them.

My Master had obviously tried to explain this to his father, but it had been no use - everyone knew that his advisor, Wormtongue, would see to it that the King was not disturbed, not even by his son. So with our band of men, including my master's cousin, Éomer, we headed out at the front, and though I felt no change in the Prince, I felt it everywhere else - in the wind, the earth, the rock, even the horses around me. I tried to tell him but he didn't understand, he just pushed me on.

Soon we were by the tips of the White Mountains and were traveling slowly, keeping look out for the Orcs. By now, the air felt so tense that you could have slit it with a knife - at least I thought so.

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