Brego - A Horse's Tail Part 2 - Friends and Freedom

same disclaimer applies - enjoy!


Our Master Eosso had been drifting with us and his family over the plains for 2 years when we finally were taken back to the main city where we had grown up. Not much had changed the gleaming hall of Meduseld still golden and watching over the lands.

Being four, it was time for my friends and I to be backed. This meant of course, to be broken in. Now we were young horses and free, and we liked it that way. When Eosso first came to catch us, we bolted and led him on quite a run around our now enclosed paddock. In the end of course, with a fair few other men I am quite proud to say, they eventually caught us. Once in a halter, we were quiet enough, obeying our Master's wish.

Then it was time for the saddle. Never before have I ever been through such a strange experience; to have been practically wild, and then suddenly asked to let a man tightly strap a heavy lump of leather onto your back is not a pleasant thing. And at first, we protested as much as possible, though I would have to admit that Silver was the one with the most fire. I think that it was then that I, at the very least, began to see him in a different light - not the leader of a game, but of an army, mighty and proud, bearing the king upon his handsome back.

So with the saddle finally fitted and adjusted to our shape, we were given a bridle. I hate bridles. I always have and I probably always will. A hard cold piece of metal, pushed into your mouth, between your teeth and over your tongue. I refused to open my mouth for as long as I could, but the groom merely stuck his thumb in the gap between my teeth and tickled my tongue. It was awful - but thanks heavens for oats! - sweet juicy crunchy oats. They were the only thing that kept me sane during that first week of my life wearing a bridle.

When we were let out again at the end of the day, we would all compare what we saw as horror stories on the day's events. From what I heard, we generally put up a good fight against the dreaded things, and that was some comfort to me at least.

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